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Lisa's Page
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Lisa's Page

Home Lisa's Page The King Family

Summer 2004

This page is being created to share a little about myself with family and friends.  My family is most important in my life.   My husband, Tim,  and I have two beautiful children.  We just recently found out that we will be adding our third child to the family in April 2004.  I have always wanted at least three children and although Tim was not so sure, I am finally happy to know I am going to have my dreams come true.  I am very happy and fulfilled in my life and adding another baby to that will only enhance my happiness!  I am a full-time SAHM.  Staying home with my kids has always been a dream of mine.  Even though I had a hard time adjusting, I now realize how happy I am to have the opportunity to do so.   The days go by so fast that I want to share every minute that I can with my kids.   



My favorite hobby is scrapbooking.  It is just another way of sharing the love I have for my family. I cherish the memories of the special moments in my life.  That is how I got started into scrapbooking.  I love to journal about the  memories that my pictures remind me of.  I think (and hope) that my kids will enjoy having my feelings in writing someday when they are older and in the same place in their lives as I am now.  Family is so important and what better way to show it but in a scrapbook! 

Here are links to my scrapbooking albums that will show you some of what I do.  I continue to add new things so stop by whenever you can!  :)    

ScrappinLisaJo's Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking Pages                  Recipe Scrapbook Pages

Take a look at my scrapbook room!  

ScrappinLisaJo's Crop Room 

Also here is another great scrapbooking site.  June has a great site and you will find a lot of great information here.  I am so envious of June's scrapbook room.  She has little MAMBI kids on her walls. :)  She and her daughter share their scrapbook room.  It is great!   


I am the moderator of a Western North Carolina scrapbook and rubberstamp group at Yahoogroups.  If you live in Western North Carolina and would like to join go to:

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My Favorite Links: 


Thank you for coming to my page . I hope you will visit again soon.  It is a work in progress so I will be adding new things as I can.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to e-mail me!

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