Program Overview

The idea behind the program is that it will be able to calculate the gematria value for any language. The problem is that different fonts map their characters in different places, making this difficult. For his reason the program is fully configurable and you can assign a numeric value to a character. This enables the program to work with any language and any font.

To calculate the gematria value for text, you first need to assign a numeric value to each letter in the alphabet of that language. This process is called mapping. After you have done this, you simply enter the text in the window or paste text from the clipboard and calculate the gematria value.

The application is at present aimed at experienced users and therefore the language might be a bit technical for the novice. Not all terminology or concepts are properly defined and a lot of things in the application, including the user interface, can be improved. Future versions will cater for a wider audience ranging from novice to expert.

Minimum Requirements

The future of this application...

The future of this application is in it's users' hands. If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments, then please let me know. If there is enough interest it will be updated and maintained. 

Last Updated: 01 May 2005

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