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Why the WWW?
Give global exposure to your product or service 24 hours a dasy, seven days a week. More and more companies are using the WWW to sell their products online, deliver prce quotations, general information etc., leaving their competitors lagging behind.
Why Galaxy One?
Galaxy one, specializing in small business and the individual offers an online presence to those watching their waistline, their budget's waistline that is.
Of course if you alreadfy have a site, but are not 100% satisfied with it, we will design you a new one, more suited to your current needs, whilst at the same time, we can offer you a route onto the information superhighway, without crashing your bank balance.
If you only require a basic site at this time, you can always upgrade at a later date by contacting us again and discussing your requirements.

We will also offer to maintain the content of your site, should you so desire.

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