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Bad Decisions I sit in my shaded corner, and shout out at the world, I sit there wondering, If what I did was right. I sit there wondering, If I'll kill myself tonight. I'm in my shaded corner, Because of what I did to you, I loved you and I left you, For somone I barley knew, And now That she has turned away, and I cannot crawl to you, I'm alone now in my corner, Hating life away from you. --------------------------------------------- Judge not lest ye be judged It is not death I fear, But something far worse. I fear "Life"... Life in a world where people are judged. Judged for what they own. Judged for what they wear. Judged for what they believe. And not for who they are. And for those poor souls, Who have been Judged and deemed unworthy, Death becomes the release. A realease from the torment, From the words, From the lies, The rumors, And the fists. For those who have been deemed as outcasts, This is all they will know. Be they gothic. Be they pagan. Be they smart. Or be they dumb. Now you see why I don't fear Death, I am one of these outcasts, And this is my world. "Judge not lest ye be judged" --------------------------------------------- Life I look into her eyes, And I see them stareing back, Not in love, or admiration, or fear, I see them staring back, In a silent pity. The one soul I love, Fears the pain I'll face, When eventualy this gaze ends, And those eyes I never see again. So I stare into these silent eyes, And memorize that what I see Not shape, or Colour, or beuty, I memorize the pain. For one day I will look back at this, And wonder what could have been. --------------------------------------------- PANIC The Burst of Fear, The Shock The Anxiety And Panic. All Meaningless And Without Cause Now Leads Me To Despair, Few Short Words, One Quick Question, Is Now Bringing Back That Fear Have I F***ed Ep? Have I Made My Last Mistake? Have I Ruined My Final Joy? Have I Sent Away Love? Probably Not, But What If? What If? What If I Am Right? What If I Am Wrong? What If I Cause This? What If I F***ed Up? That One Question, May Spell Fatality. --------------------------------------------- Why I feel as if i may be insane, As I inject my death with the absense of pain, Rainbows and butterflies, snow covered hills, Colours that flutter and landslides that kill, Faster and faster and faster still, Death, Satans slave to do as she wills, As the demon asends from the depths of hell, I try and withdrawl inside of my shell, In the form of an angel the demon draws near, And with her presense I loose all my fear, This was the day satan arose from her hole, And with a kiss she stole my soul, My life flashed before me with all of its hate, I saw the world spinning I saw the worlds fate, Death, fighting and wars brought about to bring peace, And though we realize the pain the pain will never cease, Hatred to violence, violence to destruction, None of this would happen if we followed gods instruction, But why put faith in a force you cannot see, Something so empty, so empty like me. --------------------------------------------- A Wasted Lie In a sea of faces, So like a swarm of flies, There are no individuals, Only the flood of lies, We are only images, Shapes devoid of life, Nothing in this world is real, Nothing but this knife, There is nothing left for me, And still I do not cry, I now know the solution, And the tears stream from my eye, I take the blade up in my hand, And raise it to my wrist, As I say goodbye, To the world I'll never miss, In that sea of faces, So Like a swarm of flies, The Lies have stopped there coming As Innocence slowly dies, I was just an image, A shape devoid of life, Nothing in that world was real, Nothing but my strife, There was nothing left for me, And still I did not cry, But as I found my end resort, The tears came from my eye, I should have left the knife, Not the girl I could have kissed, Behind me in that vile lie, That world that clenched my fist, I should have done a lot of things, But now there is no time, I see all that I've wasted, As the Reaper takes my dime.