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27 Braidburn Crescent
EH10 6EL
Tel 0131 447 8328

An enthusiastic, responsible worker eager to meet challenges and adapt to new situations.
Keen to undertake further training,
Experiences include working both as an effective part of a team
and on own initiative, staff supervision and attention to detail.

I was brought up bi-lingual. My father is English and my mother Danish, and spent the long summer holidays every year living in Denmark. Living with grandparents when young and working in my uncle's factory as a teenager.

My other language is German which I also learnt from an early age, seven, added to during an exchange trip to live with a German family for two months, at fourteen. Then an A at "O" grade. Most recently my reading of German has been polished by processing CVs from Germany Austria and Switzerland for Intronet.

My school boy French, also from the age of seven, has also been benefited by reading Covering Letters and CVs from France Switzerland and Belgium.

I also process job applications from Norway(Norwegian),Sweden(Swedish), The Netherlands(Dutch) and Italy(Italian).

Skills and Attributes
  • . Excellent time management
  • . Able to prioritise tasks
  • . Supervisory experience
  • . Willing to develop existing skills
  • . Capable of working unsupervised
  • . Ran small business making Access Databases for small businesses

Education and Training

2001-2002 University of Edinburgh
  Night Classes
  xml for Beginners
  HTML I and II
  Visual Basic for Beginners
2000-2000 Spring skills Edinburgh
  Computer training
  Access Expert
  Excel Advanced
  Word Advanced
  PowerPoint Intermediate
1989-1991 Cumbria College of Agriculture+Forestry
  Diploma in Hill + Marginal Farm Management
1989-1991 S.C.E.
  Higher Grades: English,   Geography.
  Ordinary Grades: Biology,   Maths,  German.

2001-2002 Intronet
  Multi-lingual Data-inputter
  Speed reading CVs and cover letters to extract the the data needed to fill out an html form which transfered to an HR database.
  CVs processed were from:
    Denmark, ------- Danish, English.
    Norway, ------- Norwegian, English.
    Sweden, ------- Swedish, English.
    Germany, ------- German English.
    Austria, ------- German English.
    Switzerland, ------- German French, Italian, English.
    Italy, ------- Italian, English.
    Turkey, ------- Turkish, English.
    France, ------- French, English.
    The Netherlands, ------- Dutch, English.
    Belgium, ------- French, Dutch, English.
    UK and Ireland. ------- English.
    We also translated an entire software interface into German.

  In addition I was involved in a disaster simulation test, complete system re-build. This involved formatting hard drives and installing operating systems and software.

2001-2001 Own Buisness
  DHP Scotland Database
  Undertook to make a database for business advisors DHP Scotland to hold 2 years of business start-up records from scratch.
1999-2000 Scotish Agricultural Colleges
  Scientific Stock Worker
  Closely involved in monitoring growth and development of dairy cattle; accurate measurement and dispensing feed; detailed record keeping transferring information onto computer databases.
1984- 1991 Francesco s, Rose Street, Edinburgh
  Preparing food and supervising staff in busy Italian restaurant; organising rotas; checking and ordering and ordering stock; awareness of health and safety issues.
1990-1991 Scotish Agricultural Colleges
  Scientific Stock Worker
  In charge of experimental feed trail with lambs, feeding, measuring growth Inputting and handling data.

Clean, current driving licence

Fluent Danish speaker;

Good German, basic French

Date of birth: 28 June 1968

References available on request.