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Welcome to the Matrix


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Cyberspace: What is it?

A World Unknowing When you read between my lines and look into a world of illusions What do you see? Do you see darkness with a path of never ending or do you see the light at the end of the road for which all will seem to take When you step into my territory of knowledge, how would you perceive my existence Of many choices can you take control and use me to your highest advantage or will you let me fade away I am like a baby that has grown larger than life, where everyone will know who and what my being is Tell me who do you think I am and what is my need Tell me where do you think I stand and how long will I march on until I finish my metamorphisis How long do I have until there is no more evolving Or am I forever more an illusion? M- Modern A- Analytical T- Technology R- Ratifying I- Intelligence X- Xtremely Thank you Angelfire and a big thanks for u visiting!!!