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do not begin to customize this Design Pack™ without first going through the User Guide!

This is the home page of the new Webtech Design Pack™ demo. As we're sure you've noticed, there are buttons across the top of the page, numbered 1-4. The buttons are visible to IE and Netscaoe 6... but not to Netscape 4. Why are the buttons there?

The buttons are used to change the look of this page via the magic of CSS. There are 4 Style Sheets linked to this page. By clicking a button, a Javascript is fired that tells your browser to render a particular sheet. The script exists so that you can see how each Style Sheet looks. It's also a great tool for prototyping a site for a client. And, of course, it also serves to illustrate just how customizable Design Packs are!

The right sidebar contains an embedded i-frame in the table. The frame loads our News Page. If you are viewing this with Netscape 4, you will not see the i-frame. Instead, you will see a link to open up the News Page in a popup window. What's important to note is that this cross-browser functionality requires no additional maintenance! The Webtech documentation will, of course, explain precisely how this is accomplished.

Regards from the Design Pack Team at Project VII!