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Detachment one HeadQuarters

The skull crackers


Welcome to SOCOM Detachment one!

MISSIONS: conduct special reconnaissance missions rapid direct action strikes to seize, recover, or destroy designated personnel or materiel. long-term foreign internal defense and counter-insurgency short term operations to provide assistance to friendly governments ORGANIZATION: The 86 man detachment will be commanded by a lieutenant colonel Force Reconnaissance Element (30 Personnel) Commanded by a major, Four six-man teams headed by a staff sergeant, and a four-man headquarters cell led by a captain. Intelligence Element (26 Personnel) signals intelligence support team human intelligence exploitation team radio reconnaissance team all-source fusion team will assemble, analyze, and distribute all received intelligence data. Headquarters Element (22 Personnel) Supporting Arms Liaison Team Commanded by a major specializing in field artillery. three Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company Marines three radio operators forward air controller Medical Support Team five Navy Corpsman CRITERIA: The personnel chosen for assignment to this unit will all have at least five years experience in a Force Recon MOS with superior efficiency ratings.

This is a clan site for online gamers we are not part of the US Arms service we just want to honor and remember the men and women in the military and thank them for the self less devotion to the uniform and the defence of our great nation.