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FAQ & Contact Us

Clear View Lenses Pty Ltd

Welcome to the amazing world of Contact Lenses. Please feel free to explore our range of contacts.

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of contact lenses: the world that has taken the human community by storm. Its uses range right from need to fashion. Please feel free to browse through our extensive range, and yes, we have some features along the way that would help you in selecting the best option for those wondeful,deep,and intense eyes of yours.

We have a range of products to suit your eyes. And since they are made from plant extract they are completely safe to use and are harmless.We have divided our products into 4 different groups to make your selection easier.WE have day wear and night wear options as well which would make life easier for you consumers.

One of the most important use of our contact lenses would be for people who need to sit in front of the computer for long hours. OUr contact lenses are designed to give a cool, soothing effect on application and would be beneficial because they would keep the eyes cool, and would also control the blood pressure in the eyes. Since excessive computer use is one of the major reasons for deterioration of the eye at a very early age, the use of these contacts would prevent the damage.

One of the other reasons Clear View is better than its competitors is because itsz unique design retains the moisture in the eyes. This makes sure that there is no irritation and certaily no damage due to loss of moisture. To experience this comfort try our lenses and i am sure you would like it.