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Welcome to Webpage^-^;!! This is a bunch of questions I ask and answer for your information on me! Like a FAQ That I wrote myself. Okay here ya! Whats your Favorite Color??: Duh Black Green Red and Blue =3 Any speaical thing you like to eat in the summer???: Hell ya! Ice cream my favorite all year round! What's your favorite Band:Well can't choose just one Good Charlotte and the Offspring favorite Animal?: Hmm.. Can't really choose one I love all animals =3 Ever think of dieing your hair?: Well not really only once and I'd like if my hair was Blood red =3 Are you Punk or Goth: No way i'm no Goth just like dark colors =3 I guess you can call me a sorda punk but I don't dress the way I talk. Favorite word?: NEBULA!!! Of course o_o Why the Name Bizarre neb??: Because I'm very strange and I love the name Neb and word nebula Anyone on Furcadia you know in Real life??: Yup!! Anyone you hate?: I have more friends the foes dude of course =3 Name all off your Favorite Songs: Bloody Valentine,The Nosse,Pretty Fly, The Little Things, and Why Don't you Get a Job Can you Drive?: Nope Nope AND NOPE! I'm not near old enough.... Personal Info Age:11! Name: Neb (My real name ish noneya...) Hair:Brown! Eyes:Brown Favorites! Cartoon: Inuyasha Cartoon Charater: Miroku Color: Black and Green Song: Bloody Valentine Band: Good Charlotte and The Offspring CD: The Young and the Hopeless Thing to do: Draw Draw and Draw some more! Friend: I pick no favorites! I love all my friends =3 Food: Strawberry IceCream (With the the Strawberry Chunks) Ice Cream: Strawberry (Duh) Movie: Hafed Baked or Holes Animal: Can pick love 'em all <3 Game:Yoshi Story or Yoshi's Island Game Charater: YOSHI!!! <3 Singer:Joel Madden! @.@ God he's cute ^-^; Thing: My Life of Course!!! /\/\/\That's all for now! ;) End Transmistion/\/\/\