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26 November 2018
Added a number of covers to Cape Canaveral Port Authority Cachets.

19 November 2018
Added another USS Kearsarge cover from Mercury 9 with a major hand cancel variation. This one also has the PM at the bottom of the postmark but has a correct year slug.

1 November 2018
Added a great USS Chilton cover from Apollo 10. It has a Navy cachet on a Dept. of the Navy envelope with a Commanding Officer corner card. Thus no stamp is required. Postmark is USS Chilton NY dated 10 days before the mission.

27 October 2018
Added three great covers today. The first is a great USS Lake Champlain cover from Gemini 5 on a Dept. of the Navy Official Business envelope! Therefore it didn't require a stamp. The second is a very nice USS Austin crew cover from Apollo 4 on ship's stationary. The third is a nice Morris Beck B790 cover with a USS Carpenter postmark rather than the designated USS Arlington.

24 October 2018
Added a new section for Shuttle Support Ship Covers.

18 October 2018
Added a really great set of items from Cdr J. M. Wondergram including a Gemini 6A Captain's cover with his corner card, 2 photos (Photo 1 and photo 2) and a letter written several years after the event. Wondergram was the Executive Officer of the USS Wasp for Gemini 6A and previously was the pilot of the helicopter that recovered Scott Carpenter during Mercury 7.

25 September 2018
Added a great cover from the USS Guadalcanal with Commanding Officer, Anti-Submarine Squadron corner card and signature plus a rare postmark variation.

23 September 2018
Added a new discovery from Lee Kok How. A Mercury 9 USS Kearsarge cover with a major hand cancel variation. It not only has the PM at the bottom of the postmark but has the year slug inverted! A great cover but is it unique? Check your covers and let me know if you find another copy.

17 September 2018
Added a new section to Shuttle covers - Launch Area Security Covers

3 September 2018
Added examples of covers with Beck small circular cachet to various Gemini missions.

25 August 2018
Added a new page for Skylab PRS postmarks. Also added a new page for a very rare Gemini precursor booster test!

24 August 2018
Added a new page for Orion EM-1 Recovery Test covers.

22 August 2018
Added a great Gemini 12 cover with the rare black Gemini 11 Navy cachet plus both machine and hand cancels!

19 August 2018
No USS Rooks cover with the correct date is known. The closest so far is a very late postmarked cover. I've also added a number of minor variations to other missions.

10 June 2018
Added a newly discovered variety - a Gemini 3 USS Intrepid cover with a black Navy cachet thanks to Randy Constantin. Only two known.

14 May 2018
Added a great series of covers from a member of the Associated Press to Apollo 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14, some on Associated Press stationary. Thanks to Joseph Volutza.

11 May 2018
Just added two 'one of a kind' covers
. It's amazing that these unusual covers are still surfacing after 50 years! First one is from Gemini 5, the USS Dupont with a maroon Navy cachet! The second is a maroon postmark, this time from Mercury 9, the USS Fletcher!

15 April 2018
I've finished uploading photos, information & covers from Bob Fish to Apollo 11, Apollo 12 and Recovery Photos.

24 March 2018
I've started a new section of Recovery photos and added extra information to my Apollo 11 page with information thanks to Bob Fish of the USS Hornet Museum.

9 March 2018
I've added two Beck covers with printing errors. A Gemini 9A USS Wasp cover with misaligned colours and an Apollo 13 USS New cover where part of the cachet was printed off the edge of the cover. I've also completed several sections of the new 'Shuttle SRB Recovery and Other Covers'.


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