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Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost here. You can make a grandparent a shirt that they will remember for ever, with the grandkids on it. Put a kid’s face on a t-shirt or a sweatshirt or just embroider each kid’s name on the shirt. This would make a great gift.


Computer Graphic Transfer


The apple of Grandma’s or Grandpa’s eye.

I am Grandma’s Angel or We are Grandma’s Angels

I am Grandpa’s Angel or We are Grandpa’s Angels

I can put a Christmas tree & put a circle on it with the kids picture in it.

Each computer Graphic Transfer is on the front of a white or ash t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Transfer is about 8 x 10.

T-shirts White or Ash

S – XL $ 12.00
2X $ 13.00
3X $ 14.00

Sweatshirts White or Ash

S – XL $ 14.00
2X $ 15.00
3X $ 16.00

Embroider Gift for Grandma or Grandpa.

This design is on the left chest of the shirt. The design is a 4 X 4. You can put this design on any color T- shirt or Sweatshirt you would like.

T-shirt and design

S – XL $ 13.00
2X $ 14.00
3X $ 15.00

Sweatshirt & Design

S – XL $ 15.00
2X $ 16.00
3X $ 17.00


Embroider with the Kid’s name on the shirt.

On the shirt I will put the saying Grandma’s or Grandpa’s Little Angel (or Angels) on it. It comes with up to two kids’ names. If you would like any other names on it, the cost of each name will be $3.00 more.


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