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My Mum made this!

Hi there, my name is Sean Armstrong

I have been working on this Webpage for the last two years ,and finally staring to make some progress. Im a Shift worker and a busy Husband & Dad (4 Kids) so its slow going

I have been a member of the Whakatane Astronomical Society since July 2000 ,and have enjoyed every minute that I have managed to fit in.

The Long established members have been nothing but "The Greatest" when trying to impart some of their vast knowledge down to the Newbies.

Thanks go out to the crew who run Webmonkey Website who got me started with HTML code.


Thanks to the Guys at for their cool Gifs Cool Gifs

Special thanks goes out to my Mum who is the closest thing to a Webpage building expert I have and who has helped out so much ,sometimes without even realising it.

Most especially to my Wife Kim who has and still does put up with me sitting on the computer for hours seemingly on the same page doing goodness knows what and even managing to look interested when I explain just how simple HTML code really is !!