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Below is an essay that was Assigned to me when I was in 7th Grade

Write out a description of your country (200 words)

I belong to the country of India. It is a socialist republic country. It has 26 states and seven union territories each state has its own language and culture. There are four metropolitan cities, which are as follows – New Delhi; Bombay; Calcutta and Madras. Bombay is a famous industrial city. New Delhi is the capital of India. Madras is a city famous for its temples and food. Among the four cities, Calcutta is the most populated city. India is a leading producer of Mica and one of the topmost producers of Jute and sugar. Like the Great Wall in china; Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonder in the world.

             India was under the British rule for over 200 years; we gained Independence from them on August 15 1947. However, our constitution came into force on January 26 1950 only. From then, every year on January 26 we celebrate our Republic Day and on August 15 we celebrate our Independence Day. Mahatma Gandhi who fought for our freedom is regarded the father of our Nation (India). Other important freedom fighters whom India is proud of are Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister), Subhash Chandra Bose (who took charge Indian National Army) and etc. Mount. Everest, which is the highest peak in the world, is situated here in the Himalayas. K2 and kanchanjugka, which are one of the highest mountains, is situated here in India.

             India is very popular for its celebration of various festivals. Deepawali and Dusshera are the most important festival is celebrated throughout India. In winter the temperature in Northern part of India is very cold whereas at the same time in the southern part of India the temperature is hot and the minimum it could get is about 15 degree Celsius. Ganges is the most famous river in India while Krishna Bhramaputra and etc are other rivers. Bharatnatyam kuchipudi, kathak are the famous dances in India. I love my country very much

 This document was written on 21st of August 1999 on paper when Vinod was in Grade 7. His homeroom teacher was MR. SOUD. This document was later typed on Sunday, 16 September 2001.

 Thank your for your co-operation,


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