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Please Sign UFG's Books! They are here so that we know you have been here, and some are actually for your enjoyment! Signing the books counts as being active, so take part!

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Fall is here! - We have added new games to the website, so check it out now! - A riddle contest, hosted by sparkling_raindrop is being held. The riddle will be in the Newsletter and in sparkling_raindrop's shop! A mystery pic is being hosted by id_like_2_be_cool is being hosted! The mystery pic will be in the Newsletter! If you know the answers to the riddle or the mystery pic, e-mail it to! - The guild now has a News Staff! Since we are adding poems, art, short stories, horoscopes, advice columns, personals, and submissions to our newsletter and our website we have formed a news staff! If you are interested please e-mail! - We are looking for a group of people to apply for the UFG Website Committee! I am looking for people with HTML knowledge and an E-mail address that I can send graphics to. Please apply today by either E-mailing me at or neomailing me at dreamz420!

Raffle - The raffle ticket prices went up to 900NP. Don't worry this means better prizes!
Message Board Contest - The Message Board Contest is back up again!! The person who post the most will win a bottled faerie! But, remember, once you win, you can not win again!
- You may view all prizes by looking at UFGFaeriePrizeVault's trades! CLICK HERE TO BUY RAFFLE TICKETS

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