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COMPLETE Faerie Crossword Answers! Provided by UFG!
Faerie Crossword Answers!

    * 4000; Makes your pet a slippery target: grundox
    * -A-Victim: phone
    * - Force 5000; Reinforced steel helmet: Proto
    * Battle 2000; Space Arena Battledome League: grundo
    * Bingo: chia
    * Blaster: goo
    * Boomarang; if used too much it will shatter: crystal
    * Cabbage; fresh from the patch: green
    * Catacombs: ancient
    * Catcher; Lodger: tiger
    * Catcher; finished second in Sacrificers: tiger
    * Canyon; Guild Neighbourhood: coral
    * Chicken: Tangy poultry dish makes pets happy: orange
    * Chocomato: Regular wild
    * Classics; Book: kougra
    * Cream Cookie: negg
    * Croissant: Breakfast
    * Dread: dom
    * ; Enter the Chia; Whaa!: brucechia
    * Elixir heals your pet 15 hit points: puce
    * Eyeballs: pickled
    * Extra; Stone Dome Battledome league: Eyrie
    * Fever Paintbrush: disco
    * Flowers Easter negg; features floral designs: spring
    * Gauntlet; Formidable weapon: grarrl
    * Grenade; crack your foes up, then get away: laugh
    * Gummy Rat: almost
    * Headquarters: guild
    * Heart seal: lion
    * Ice Cream; Gross: mustard
    * in a box: tent
    * Indiana; Video: eyrie
    * Jelly beans; good for energy before a battle: ergyfruit
    * Little; Video: scorch
    * Lupe League; Battledome League: lone
    * Lupes; Book:loyal
    * Meatballs; vegetarian treat goes w/ pasta : meatless
    * Mints; so strong, you might lose a tooth: zoba
    * Murdoch; founder of Lupe Consolidated: Lupert
    * O Lara; Ski Lodge star of "My Fair Poogle": scarlet
    * of korbat; too leathery for some tastes: wing
    * of Eyeballs: jar
    * of Flamebolt: wand
    * of Ham: joint
    * of Hot Borovan: cup
    * Pack; Fires a beam of darkness: bat
    * Pango; Retrieved a Volcano Crystal: tshimba
    * Pool: rainbow
    * Pop; frozen treat: chia
    * Sausage: veggie
    * Scorcheski; Ski Lodger: Dave
    * Shield; very effective against fire weapons: ice
    * Shrimp; a real treat for seafood connosieurs: minty
    * Slush; includes gooseberries & ganboplant: holiday
    * Solitaire: poogle
    * Spotlight: pet
    * Seed; mean plant keeps bugs under control: bad
    * Starfish; baby Kois love this Aquatic Food: lime
    * Supplement: iron
    * Surprise: pizapple
    * Tea (very relaxing): mint
    * Teeth; frightful gnashers will terrify foes: fake
    * Visor: seek
    * widow : black
    * Wish Stick: cherry
    A big rasher of _____ bacon: danish
    A clammy surprise for your neopet: clamchops
    A deck of these is great for passing time: cards
    A depressed mushroom that nobody likes: ugly
    A great tool for planting bulbs: awl
    A hot plant: firebush
    A little devil for your pet: redtail
    A Medicinal Mud Bath cures that disease : lumps
    A mysterious and succulent fruit: scabu
    A Neopian delicacy: negg
    A pinching robot PetPet: pinceron
    A special token: neocoin
    A sweet and meaty sandwich: bunwich
    Accidentally sold the Transmogrification Potions: kauvara
    Added to your Neopian Bank Account each day: interest
    Advice giving cookie: fortune
    Afraid of the dark? Read this book: ightofday
    Air ability that allows you to move faster: haste
    Air Faerie's book : Breathe
    Aisha Battledome Ability: pounce
    Aka Donna: poptart
    Alien Aisha Vending Machines only take _____.: nerkmids
    All the fashion tips you in this book: neofashion
    All your Neopet _____ belong to us: are
    All your pets are belong to this shopkeeper: cats
    Alter your pet with one of these potions: morphing
    An "Eggy" Underwater delicacy: yolkbeans
    An Italian apple treat: Pizapple
    An uplifting mushroom: levelup
    Apple _____ pop: chia
    Aquatic Pet capable of juggling 28 balls at a time: legs
    Aquatic PetPet; receives radio transmissions: auntie
    At 20 NP a night, this place lives up to its name: cheap hotel
    Ate fortune cookies; now gives advice: mystic
    Auction _____: genie
    Auction Genie motto: making your wishes come _____: truc
    Baby pig PetPet: snorkle
    Baby Vampire PetPet; Bat_____: boy
    Bacon, lettuce, tomato: blt
    Barrier of compressed air; stops Earth attacks: inertia
    Bat _____; fires beams of darkness at opponents: pack
    Bash your opponent on the head with this: basher
    Battle Faerie's trusty steed: legacy
    Battle healing mote: nova
    Battle league; _____ battle 4000: buzz
    Battledome Item; neutralizes Attack Forks: bentfork
    Battledome item with magic of genie trapped inside: genieorb
    Battledome league; _____ Eaters Anonymous: negg
    Battledome league; battle to the ____ league: death
    Battledome league; Deep _____ Divers League: sea
    Battledome league location; stonedome
    Beastly 10-pound melon: plantmelon
    Belle of the ball; Ski Lodger: bubbles
    Bellhop at the presidential palace: elbrit
    Big hearted faerie pet-pet: pikis
    Birthplace of Cupcake: KikoLake
    Black _____ Cannon: frost
    Blame your pets insanity on this carrot: rainbow
    Blinding ability: flash
    Blumaroo Battledome Ability: dodge
    Bobs _____ Bonus Bingo: big
    Boil, fry, or bake this steak: porksteak
    Book; Chia Don't _____: cry
    Book with the secret of leaving Neopian Central: timetravel
    Bounces on its tail: blumaroo
    Brand of Neo Baby Food: gagagrub
    Bruce Battledome Ability: slide
    Cabbage tasting plant: glant
    Can be cured with Mystical Fungus: NeoWarts
    Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted: neodrops
    Carassa's garage sale partner: mika
    Cheat contestant; left ear twitches while playing: Kalora
    Cheat contestant, Princess _____; hates to lose: fernypoo
    Cheating Kyrii: capara
    Cheating Meerca: chuffer bob
    Cheese and _____ Burger; cheesy,: on a bun, & gross eel
    Cheesy chips: nachos
    Chewy meat for teething pets: meatstars
    Chia _____; gives wearer strength of Tapatlakettle: belt
    Chia stuck in Ice Cream Blitz: adee
    Chicken _____: kiev
    Chief coconut: mumbopango
    Chuffer _____; cheat contestant who loves to eat: bob
    Coco _____ slush; a favourite of mynis: whip
    Company founded by David Fuzio and JubJub Yang: yippee
    Coral _____; only for use by water creatures: orb
    Contents of this jug: Liquid Fire: firejug
    Coolest boots in Neopia: wellington
    Cover star of How To Stay Fit: lenny
    Creates a bubble of slow time; Temporal _____: leak
    Crystal _____; it will knock your teeth out: crunch
    Crystal _____ Soda; less calories, better taste: one
    Curable with Fluff-Be-Gone powde: fuzzitus
    Currency of the site: neopoints
    Cure for Achy Head: Magic Goop
    Cute Guild Neighbourhood: cutecity
    Cybunny Battledome Ability: hop
    Delicious chocolate covered strawberry : strochal
    Delux neolodge hotels receive this many stars: five
    Discount _____: card
    Discovered the first manchu bow: zannik
    Disease cured by Hot Herbal Drink: bubbles
    Donut looking and tasting tropical fruit: donufruit
    Don't spare any expense when you dress up your pet: bowtie
    Draw stars and triangles with a Stencil _____: set
    Duck that wails like a hyena: mallard
    Early loser in Sacrificers; Styrofoam _____: bob
    Earth Ability; creates food: greatfeast
    Earth Ability; toughens pet, makes 'em hard to hit: toughskin
    "Eau De _____" is a popular brand of Perfume: neo
    Eighth month of the Neopian calendar: hiding
    Electric _____ Monkey; Lodge murderer's 1st victim: blue
    Elephante battledome ability (level 15): trumpet
    Endless _____: plains
    Evil Chia Warlord, Hubrid ____: Nox
    Evil colour thief: thedro
    Evil fish: jetsam
    Expensive mushroom shop: apothecary
    Extra powerful Faeries: uber
    Eyrie battledome ability: scratch
    Faerie _____: city
    Faerie Clothing _____: ltd
    Faerie PetPet; Rhymes with clouds: flouds
    Faerie who helped defeat Dr. Sloth: space
    Faerie queen's memoir: anewday
    Faerieland floats on a _____ above Neopia: cloud
    Faerieland, it's up in the _____: clouds
    Famous student of the techo master: ryshu
    Feeds Neopia's less fortunate pets.: soupfaerie
    Fifth victim in the Ski Lodge : cupcake
    Filled with sage and onion stuffing. Yuk!: frog
    Find something for one of the Faeires: quest
    Fire, Fire, Your _____ On Fire Paintbrush: pants
    Fires stream of sticky web at opponent: webclaw
    Flame ability; hypnotises opponents: fierygaze
    Flame Ability; works well against water creatures: boil
    Fleapit Motel; NP per night: ten
    Fluff be _____: gone
    For 5 np a day the neolodge will provide one: sauna
    Fourth month of the Neopian calendar: eating
    Frost Bite _____; features rock hard icy coating: egg
    Fruit eaten by young Kougras: juppie
    Gadgadsbogen means, literally, "good good _____": day
    Galactic defender; takes rechargeable batteries: combobot
    Gallery of _____: evil
    Game; Earth Faerie _____: aces
    Game; Kiko _____: match
    Game; Techo _____: says
    Garden _____; great for getting at pesky weeds: hoe
    Garon's other cave; Faerie
    Gelert Battledome Ability: bark
    Gelert second-generation battledome move: flash
    Get one to clean your hotel room for 5 NP a night: maid
    Gift from the Space Faerie; Space Defence: bandolaro
    Given out for High Score: trophy
    Glamorous Shopkeeper: glamchia
    Go to other worlds: explore
    God of Mystery Island; _____ Pango: pango
    Grarrl Battledome Ability: roar
    Greater ______ of the Fire Faerie: orb
    Green-coloured paintbrush: growing
    Grinch Theater says that this returns on May 11th: themummy
    Grow ten times in size: supersize
    Grundo _____; Spooky food: Stix
    Grundo's _____; Pump-Up; gym
    Grundo Battledome Ability: blast
    Grundo's _____; Pump-Up: gym
    Guild neighborhood; Kiko _____: lake
    Guild Neighborhood; Sloth's _____: lair
    Half dog, half...erm, something else: warf
    Handmade by mystery island artisans: claypot
    Has a bandage on its forehead: kiko
    Has four ears and wears a bell: aisha
    Have your say here: soapbox
    Heal while you damage your opponent with this mote: supernova
    Hero of the Ice Caves game: garon
    His picture is hanging in the Ski Lodge Hall: drsloth
    Holiday occurring on the 14th Day of Swimming: watergala
    Home of The Missing Chia: icecaves
    Home of the Wishing Well; Neopian _____: bazaar
    Horned pet that got a makeover: acara
    Hunts Chias; Species: lupe
    In the clouds: Faerieland
    In the Mynci Contest, Number six was just a: joke
    Island Faerie: jhuidah
    Island Faeries love this Porkwich: BBQ
    Items in your shop: stock
    Its flaming tongue has a reach of over 20ft: lavaghoul
    Jetsam Battledome Ability: splash
    Job _____; Ticket to the Employment Agency: coupon
    Jubjub Battledome Ability: roll
    Juggling AuqaPet: legs
    Juppie smuggling Wocky: mulvinn
    Just as happy on land as in water: kiko
    Kacheek Battledome Ability: roll
    Kalora's species: kau
    Kau _____: korrall
    Kauvara's sister: allita
    Keep the sun out of your pet's eyes: strawhat
    Keep this stinky snow in the jar: dirtysnow
    Knows a lot of Bedtime stories about Faeries: eppa
    Knows where all the shops are: shopwizard
    Koala looking faerie petpet: harris
    Koi Battledome Ability: dive
    Kyrii Battledome Ability: growl
    Kyrii Battledome Ability (level 10 or higher): tackle
    League of Peril is located in this arena: ice
    Least expensive RoboPet: diddler
    Lenny Battledome Ability: peck
    Level 10 Kougra Battledome Ability: growl
    Light Ability; _____ Blast: psychic
    Light Ability; bright beam that helps defeat evil : sunray
    Lighting _____; Lightweight: gun
    Little _____; young & inexperienced Cheat player: timmy
    Lives beneath the Haunted Woods: esophagor
    Looks like a frog but spits fire: frogarott
    Loves Bedtime Stories about Faeries: kora
    Lucky _____: die
    Lupe Battledome Ability (Level 15): lunge
    Magic Creature known for extra sharp teeth: lupurus
    Magical mote that heals while damaging your foes _____ : Nova
    Make someone's day with a Neo_____: greeting
    Make your pet glow with Neopia's brand of make-up; neoglo
    Maraqua's lettuce: kelp
    Martial arts video classic; Karate _____: jub
    Mallowicious _____: bar
    Maximum number of pets you can have: four
    Meatless _____: meatballs
    Mega Power _____; will do your pet a world of good: plusshroom
    Metallic doughnut treat: mechadonut
    Mister _____; critics say he's all washed up: shankly
    Mister _____; Has a tiger squash habit: pickles
    Moehog Battledome Ability: ram
    Most powerful items kept in this tower: hidden
    Much grosser than a hot dog: grubwich
    Mushy pea gourmet dish: hemburger
    Mutated _____; held in ski lodge's underground lab: kacheek
    Mynci Number _____ got the least number of votes: two
    Mysterious combo snack: bomatoge
    Home of the Scratch Card Kiosk: icecaves
    Negg known for it's rotten Battledome tricks: evil
    Neil ________. Stock market Kau: kauvato
    Neodaq _____: index
    Neodaq ticker symbol for The Auction Genie: tag
    Neopedia claims The Stuff _____ in size each day: doubles
    Neopia's Favorite Dice Game; Dice-A-_____: roo
    Neopia's only stock exchange: neodaq
    Neopia's only TV network is on this channel: one
    Neopian _____ is currently 2.8%: inflation
    Neopian cultivators have this many prongs: four
    Neopian Treasure _____: hunt
    Nigel the chia's sports car is this color: red
    Nimmo _____; Video: yoga
    Nimmo Battledome ability: leap
    Not a very tasty toadstool: pink
    Number of Chairs in the Ski Lodge Library: two
    Number of Poogles racing: five
    Numbers needed for the Neopian Lottery: six
    Official headgear of Wocky Fan Club is this colour: yellow
    One o day keeps the doctor away: apple
    Outbreak of _____ Scratchies occurred at Money Tree; itchy
    Owner of The Presidential Palace: pjgrundonn
    Paintbrush that turns pet into a blue outline: sketch
    Paintbrush; The weathered look: cloud
    Passport to different lands: totem
    Pet can't eat anymore: bloated
    Pet on the cover of Don't Call Me Cute: uni
    Pet that 'Korralls the Kaus': gelert
    Pets love to play with these bells for hours: jingly
    Peophin Battledome Ability: trample
    PetPet doubles in size by storing food in cheeks: bloopy
    PetPet known for brown circle around its right eye: warf
    Pities the fool that doesnt visit his shop: mrc
    Place to store your trading cards: neodeck
    Plant tastes like cabbage: glant
    Plastic moustache; Hairy _____: tash
    Players needed for Earth Faerie Aces: two
    Poisonous weapon used by thieves and assassins: dart
    Poogle Battledome Ability: bite
    Pool ball and spot of ink. Spooky!: bloop
    Popular Neopian soft drink, Neo_____: cola
    Popular video: 'The Thingi From _____': majingi
    Potion of the Evil Genie of Darkness: nanka
    Prickly bush smells of aniseed, attracts animals: plurby
    Proved himself as a true Poogle Racer: moogi
    Pumpkin _____; Favourite food of ghouls and demons: slice
    Puppy______: blew
    Puts its arms around anyone it sees; PetPet : huggy
    Oink! It's a Pork _____: snout
    Quiggle Battledome Ability: stomp
    Rare ingredient of Kauvara's potion: arbiter
    Raw fish: sushi
    Rejected carrot: funky
    Rescued Chiazilla from sharks: bigbetty
    Rookie juppie smuggler: awley
    Room where cookie was found murdered: kitchen
    Ruler thats liable to cover your paper in slime: sloth
    Ryshu of the Training School likes these poems: haiku
    Ryshu the Nimmo's classmate: sevarin
    Sacrificers Contestant; Bye-_____ Jinx: gon
    Sacrificer Contestant; fell down waterfall; #_____: six
    Safety Deposit _____: box
    Scary _____; set free when his box broke: jack
    Scary Paintbrush: halloween
    Scrambled Eggs _____; sumptuous feast is eggstatic; alaking
    Sections of the Neopian Times; six
    Self-appointed ruler of cheat: spectre
    Served on a bed of wild rice with chervil: duckpate
    Shopkeeper; enter the chia. whaaa!: brucechee
    Shopkeeper with great radio reception : mr plaid
    Sir _____; if used right his shields serve well : cheekalot
    Skeith Battledome Ability: squash
    Skeith Battledome Move: glare
    Skeith beaten by Korbat in Neopedia: thuggo
    Ski Lodge contestant; Dom _____: dread
    Ski Lodge contestant; reigning gormball champ: scorcheski
    Ski Lodge contestant; Neopia's foremost socialite: bubbles
    Ski Lodge contestant; the _____ spender: big
    Ski Lodge supermodel looking for Mr. Right: Jasmine
    Ski Lodger; insane freak or brilliant mastermind?: thor
    Ski Lodger; musical genius; Mister Shankly's rival: lazarus
    Ski Lodger who found Black Widow; sells vacuums: mr plaid
    Ski Lodger who just shot the cover of Fashion Now!: jasmine
    Ski Lodger who learned how to ski from a Uni: mr roboto
    Slick-Haired Stock Broker: nigel
    Slogan: For Our Power Is Your Power: nakron
    Sloth did experiments in this underground hideout: lair
    Smoothie flavor combines raspberry & watermelon; rasmelon
    Social _____; Book: skills
    Something has _____!!!: happened
    Souped-up Blue Healthshroom : green
    Space Arena Battledome League; _____ Match!: meerca
    Species of cheat's self-appointed leader: jetsam
    Species of pet running The Food Shop: chia
    Species of pet who discovered Ancient Manchu Bows : kougra
    Species of the Missing Link: chia
    Spider with a "why": spyder
    Spinach and the fun of Lime: splime
    Spooky PetPet; sees the future: psimouse
    Stock Ticker symbol for ChiaTech Password Security: chps
    Stock Ticker symbol of Confederation of Fish Lovers: cofl
    Stock Ticker symbol for Stuff-A-Pet Inc.: stfp
    Stock Ticker Symbol for The Chia Actor's Guild: tcag
    Stock Ticker Symbol for The Powlex Corporation: powl
    Stock Ticker symbol for The Shoyru Company: tsrc
    Stock Ticker symbol of Neopia's only TV station: ntv
    Stock Ticker symbol of Skeith Feeding Ltd.: skei
    Stone _____; rare item that erodes Stone Snowballs: hourglass
    Stone Dome Battledome League; Kacheeks Over _____: all
    Stone made from tears of a broken hearted Faerie: soul
    Strawnella _____: shake
    Stuffed pet toys for your pet to enjoy: plushies
    Surprise your enemy with this Air Ability: dive
    Swat your opponent with this battle item: swatter
    Symbol of The Presidential Palace: tpp
    Symptoms include swollen gums; hard to swallow: neogitus
    Take your pet camping: tent
    Takes three R's to spell this pet: grarrl
    Tatsu evolved: eyrie
    Tell your story here: campfire
    Terror Mountain _____ Lodge: ski
    Teenaged Islanders exchange these as gifts: cubtooth
    The _____ Neopian; 80 NP a night: royal
    The _____ pumpkin patch: haunted
    The Big Book of _____: karma
    The book Care of _____ shows how to treat this pet: koi
    The Crystal Boomerang was found in this Tower: hidden
    The cure for this disease is Jelly Pills: neoflu
    The Employment Agency put this Elephante to work: Irisita
    The food of the gods: asparagus
    The Greasy _____; Cockroach Towers' restaurant: spoon
    The Rarity of the Stone Hour Glass: artifact
    The ski lodge murderer's fourth victim: cookie
    The Snitch of Maraqua: tomsnitch
    The ultimate luxury sandwich: supersub
    Theme _____: park
    These aquatic pets are from Maraqua: koi
    These eggs are a delicacy in maraqua: fish
    These horses have wings: uni
    These migraines can be cured with Magic Goop: achyhead
    These pets love to ski!: usul
    These rubber gloves will reduce static: ultra
    These roses will never die: paper
    These sticks include dip sauce that is to die for : cho
    These tacos are transparent: crystal
    Third Ski Lodge victim: bubbles
    This ability's a girl's best friend; Diamond _____: dustz
    This angora wrap might keep you from a sore throat: scarf
    This arena is home to the Gambler's League: ice
    This Aquatic PetPet can stick to any surface: alfy
    This Berry will make you powerful for 30 minutes: strong
    This book might hold the thieves guild's secrets; mysterious
    This Cave acts as a Guild Neighborhood: scary
    This creamy java is pure heaven in a cup: thornberry
    This creepy Guild neighbourhood is a mouthful: scarycave
    This disease makes your pet think it's a chicken: Chickaroo
    This disease's cure is Herbal Scrambled Eggs: chickaroo
    This Earth Faerie game now has 1 or 2 player mode: aces
    This Faerie's game requires two players: earth
    This Insect Removal company's stock symbol is BUZZ: buzzaway
    This island has three large monuments: tikutaku
    This lonely outcast lives in the Haunted Woods: werewolf
    This Quiggle is on a health kick: healthfrog
    This paintbrush turns you pet into nuts and bolts: robot
    This penguin dances in the cold snow: bruce
    This pet loves to go skiing: usul
    This PetPet is part octopus, part fashion designer: cleo
    This PetPet is too big for its shell: turdle
    This PetPet only comes out at night; _____ Boy: bat
    This robot was a project gone wrong: wheelie
    This sandwich has got your tongue: tonguewich
    This Shroom really stinks: smelly
    This Ski Lodge contestant is one crazy guy!: MrInsane
    This stone contains a pure drop of evil: night
    This wand melts three different kinds of snowballs: flamebolt
    This whistle played its last tune: broken
    This wine goes great with Red Meats: red
    This wine is known for its delicious flavor.: rose
    This witch works in the Haunted Woods: edna
    Thyora's brother: ponfrie
    Ticker symbol for BOOM! Boom Boxes!: boom
    Ticker symbol; Dice-A-Roo Industries: PLC
    Ticker symbol for Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd.: jck
    Ticker symbol for Kacheek Telecommunications: kate
    Ticker symbol for PD Secure Storage: pdss
    Ticker symbol for Powlex Corporation: powl
    Ticker symbol for Unis Beauty Salon: unib
    Ticker symbol for Yippee!: yipp
    Ticker symbol of company that only takes nerkmids: aavl
    Ticker symbol of company who only takes Nerkmids: aavl
    Ticker symbol of Lou Poogleman's company: tsrc
    Ticker symbol of The Presidential Palace: tpp
    Tiger Catcher's favorite food is Liver and: onions
    Transmogrification Potions weigh this many ounces: nine
    Travel in herds and go Moooo: kau
    Trick or Treat paintbrush: Halloween
    Trivia Master: lenny
    Tree thirsty for knowledge: braintree
    Twenty-nine of these on Nigel the Chia's Cake: candles
    Two tone paintbrush: split
    Type of government in Faerieland: monarchy
    Type of pet running the auctions: scorchio
    Underground Lodge room with Mutated Kacheek inside: lab
    Uni Battledome Ability: kick
    Uni Battledome Ability: slap
    Unicorn _____; said to come from unicorn's tear: gem
    Unknown Ski Lodge Contestant: snot
    Use twice a day for the cleanest Neopet: soap
    Use your wit; _____ Contest: caption
    Usul Battledome Ability: bite
    Usul Battledome Ability: growl
    Varieties include Vo, Zei, and Main: codestone
    Vegetable given out on St. David's: leek
    Vegetarian _____ Tacos have kelp and coral in them: sea
    Vet gone bad: drdeath
    Video; Karate _____: jub
    Video; The Good The Kacheek, and the _____: ugly
    Villain of 'Scorchio's Quest' game: pantdevil
    Wack a _____: beast
    Warns of Evil Fuzzles on the side: radar
    Whack the beasts not the ______ or jubjub: quiggle
    War _____; Flame Ability makes pet more aggressive: cry
    Water Ability; soaks fire-type opponents: quench
    Water arena battledome league, super_____ acaras: strong
    Water arena battledome league; water faerie _____: wanderers
    Water Faerie turned her tear into a necklace: thyora
    Watering _____; Help your seedlings grow: can
    Weird, mystical nut; tropical: blairnut
    Wellington _____: boots
    Wet Battledome Arena; location: water
    Where the unis run: meadows
    Who knows what happens when this negg hatches: fish
    Wiggle an awful lot for being made of jelly: gummiworms
    Wish Stick cut on the year's last full moon: oak
    Wishing _____: Well
    Wobbly _____; wobbles when you write, how useless!: pen
    Wocky Battledome ability: growl
    Wocky Battledome Ability: leap
    Worth five points at the Neggery: bluenegg
    Worth 2 points at the Neggery: icenegg
    You can now get chunks of this meat with BBQ sauce: pork
    Your pet will wear this sweater with pride: eyrie
    Zafara battledome ability level 14: leap