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Daily Duties! Provided by UFG!
Daily Duties!

      Don't forget to do these things daily! It can make you rich!

      Bank - Collect Your Interest! This can add up over time! The more money you have in the bank, the more interest you can collect! Make sure you collect your interesting before you deposit or withdraw! If you don't collect your interest, you will lose it for that day. If you upgrade your account you will get a higher interest rate!

      Fruit Machine - You can spin the fruit machine once a day. You never know what you will get! Sometimes you may get nothing, other times you can get NP, food, or even petpets!

      Healing Springs - Need a Cure? You can visit the healing springs once every 30 minutes to heal your pet or get healing potions. The Water Faerie will either feed your pets, give you a potion, heal your pet of disease, or restore some or all of your HPs. Sometimes she will heal your pet, feed your pet, and restore hitpoints at the same time!

      Laboratory Ray Do you collect map pieces? If so, you can then visit the lab everyday! The lab can either do your pet good & do your pet harm. Either way, it is fun to see what the lab ray has in store for that day, and is also a good way to change your pets color, gender, species, or stats!

      Giant Omelette HUNGRY? The everlasting omelette will supply you with one omelette a day. An omelette will feed your pet three times! This is helpful for those that can't afford food. You can also sell the omelettes.

      Coltzan's Shrine Need a blessing? What will Coltzan give you today? Sometimes nothing happens, but if you are lucky, Coltzan can improve your pets stats, give you food, NPs, dubloons, or battledome items!

      Check your Stocks Do you have stocks? It is wise to check your stock daily! You never know when stock prices rise or fall. So, keep an eye on your investments!

      Tombola Like free items?- On Mystery Island there is a Tiki Tack Man that gives out all kinds of items. Though, sometimes he needs NP donations to help fund his giveaways. All you have to do is show up once a day to get a lottery ticket. If you win, you can get anything from NPs to Faeries!

      Giant Jelly In the mood for a SNACK? You can get some more FREE FOOD daily! Your pets will thank you for it! This is another great daily event that can help keep those pets of poor neopians well fed.

      Wheel of Excitement Get a surprise! The wheel costs 100 NP and can only be spun once every two hours. You never know what you can get with this wheel! You can get anything from 8 NPs to items worth over 100,000 NPs! You can even have items stolen by the Pant Devil.

      Wheel of Mediocrity BORED? The wheel costs 50 NP and can only be spun once an hour. This wheel doesn't have as good as prizes as the Wheel of Excitement, but it is still worth the spin.

      Ice Caves Scratch Cards Do you like scrathcards? Fancy trying your luck at winning a fortune? Well the Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk could mean that today is your lucky day. It costs 600 Neopoints to buy a Scratchcard, and some are rarer than others. It's Lucky Dip so I can't guarantee which one you are going to get!! :) You can only buy one of these scratch cards every 6 hours. You can also sell them to make money if you're not the lucky type!

      Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards Do you like scrathcards? The cards cost 1,200NP. You can win NPs by scratching the cards, or you can sell them! You can only buy a scratch card every 2 hours!

      The Snowager Pay a visit to the SNOWAGER! Catch him while he is sleeping and try to take his treasure! You can get rare items!

      Ticket Booth Buy a concert ticket! See your favorite band and get a gift, or sell your ticket!

      Tickets PLEASE! Buy a concert ticket and then exchange it to see the show and get your gift!

      WAKE UP!Legends speak of a petpet a who had a gigantic appetite. As he ate, he grew, and as he grew, he ate... until one day this colossal petpet could not move any more. The Turmaculus can be found in the land of Meridell, sleeping nearly 24 hours a day. If you can wake him up, chances are he may be able to help you with an item, or a healing spell... just don't catch him in a bad mood (we weren't kidding about his appetite!) PETPET REQUIRED!

TRASHED UP!Just outside of Meri Acres farm is a big pile of rubbish - it's where people go to get rid of stuff that has started to smell SO bad they don't want to be near it any more. Have a look through, you may find some exciting stuff! Get FREE items here if you are fast enough!

DONATE OR GRAB IT!The Money Tree is a place where people donate their Neopoints, and people who are far more needy can come and get them...if you wish to make a donation or see if there is anything going for free, then you have found the right place! The more items you take per day, the less chance of you picking something up. Remember...some wandering ghosts have been known to steal money to put on the tree, and other ghosts will steal from the tree itself! Get Free Stuff! - Click on the item to pick it up. But don't be too greedy!

Fill 'er up!In the Neopian Marketplace, there is a very large cauldron of soup! The Soup Faerie looks after it and makes sure there is always a plentiful supply for hungry pets. If you don't have many Neopoints, you can always come to the Soup Kitchen to get free food for your pets. The Soup Kitchen is kept running by donations from the Money Tree, so make sure one day when you are rich that you donate!!! Remember, the Soup Faerie knows how much is in your Bank AND your Shop Till :) Only really poor people (under 2,000 NP) can get handouts at the Soup Kitchen.