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Welcome to the new site, please feel free to send me any ideas you have. This is the area where I'll keep you up to date with what is happening in UniQ. So check back often.

Meeting Notes, 23rd May:

Sorry its taken me so longe to get these up. But here they are finally:

* AJ went over the basics of the conference and talked about how we could apply some of the concepts into a workable strategy for UniQ for the future. Next semester, we should all try and come together for one meeting to decide how we're going to operate it. There are also other topics of interest in the near future, such as a national queer student co-ordinator with NZUSA, and the possibility of us lobbying for a queer student/GLBT representative on each executive. Of these issues, one will compliment the other and they're worth thinking about. More information on this should come to light soon, but if you have any input, put it down on paper for me, we can discuss collectively it if people would like to, and I'll submit it to NZUSA as a Vic perspective.

* Cocktail night. Looks like this is a definate go for next semester. Amber on Blair Street (or is it Allen?) is the desired venue, and we'll have a gold coin koha for costs. To keep it formal, a Goth theme was suggested... but of course that's optional, as long as you make a go of it!

* Variety night. Daphne and George are going to work together to bring us a variety night. They'll organise acts, etc - basically plan it. This could
be something kept for Pride Week, yet all things this year are speculative, including Pride Week, so what we do we'll do with the man(and woman) power

Other things ...

* Photographer. Is anyone a good photographer? We have a photos section on the webpage, and it would be nice to keep a photographic log of UniQ 2002.
Fair enough, anyone can take photos, but it would be nice to give someone a delegation that will carry a bit of responsibility to it, so if you have a
keen eye for clicking and snapping, could you let me know. I'll pick up a disposable camera and we can get some shots of us at events like Queer Beer
or the OutTakes thing - of course depending on how willing you are to be out there and visible.

* Lunch space - Tuesdays in the Atrium between 12-2. Thanks to those who've volunteered to come along!

* T-Shirts. We have some shirts available still. I think that they're $25 each and will be great to wear for the time in the Quad. For information,
contact Jasmine -

Notes from the meeting, 16th May:

Ok just a little web site note first. I'll keep the notes from meetings on this page. It will probably be from the latest meeting and the one before that but we'll see how it goes.
So with that out of the way, the notes.

Ok we are going to be setting up a Queer lunch space every Tuesday. At the moment it will be in the Student Union atrium, but it all depends on where people like to hang. The times are 12-2pm so I hope everyone will come along.
There are 20 spaces avalible for the opening night of Out Takes. Anyone wanting to go should just let AJ know, and bowl up to the Embassy to get tickets. Let AJ know when you've got them.
And here is the list of social events we came up with last week:
Cocktail Evening (collar and tie), we're looking for a bar to have it in at the moment.
Variety Night (we think in Pride Week)
Pot luck dinner
Laser force/ paint ball/ Go carting

That should keep us going for awhile. See you all on Thrursday, if not Tuesday.

Notes from the meeting, 9th May:

Firstly we organized the sausage sizzle thats happening on the 29th and 30th of May. Its basically going to be about making us more visible. So everybody make sure you bring your $1 (or $2 if you're vegetarian) :)
Everyone who was at the meeting is able to help, which is great. We will also be having a stall of some sort.

We also had a couple ideas for events, and social activities. Basically the general feeling was to start small, rather than jumping in the deep end. Especially as funds aren't too high.

Have a Queer night at a bar in town. A couple ideas were Valve, or Blue Note. Make this a slightly regular event. Members at the meeting today will be looking into venues etc.
Put on a variety/karaoke night. Again the Blue Note was put forward as an venue. This could either be made into one event or two separate ones.
There was a bit of interest in the opening night of Out Takes. I'll be looking into tickets prices this week.

That was what we came up with. We also thought it would be good if the 'meetings' became more a Queer time/space on campus. So from now on Thursdays from 4-7pm are UniQ time. We will try to get the Collins room every week and then if people are interested go down to Eastside, get pizza or whatever.
As always I would love any ideas for the site. So please send them to me. My e-mail is at the bottom of the page.

Any suggestions, ideas or random thoughts about this page please send them to Sophie

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