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Integrating Eclipse with VP-UML
Code Reverse Engineering
Code Generation/Synchronization
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VP-UML Eclipse Integration

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDE on the market. It is open source and have superior extensibility.

Visual Paradigm for UML Eclipse Integration  

Visual Paradigm for UML provides integration with Eclipse (Professional Edition only). Now you can synchronize your source code with your UML diagrams in both forward and reverse engineering.

Visual Paradigm Eclipse Integration

Integrating VP-UML with Eclipse  
Integrating Eclipse with VP-UML

It is very easy to integrate VP-UML with Eclipse. What you have to do is select the right path and press the start button. VP-UML will do all the rest for you automatically.

Code Reverse Engineering

After integrating with Eclipse, you can synchronize your source code with the VP-UML model. To reverse engineer your source code into VP-UML model, simply select the project or class(es) that you want to reverse, and choose Update VP-UML Model, then the model of the selected class will be created in VP-UML.
Reverse Engineering from Eclipse to VP-UML
Reverse Engineering from Eclipse to VP-UML

Code Generation  
Code Generation/Synchronization

Besides code reverse engineering, you can perform code generation from VP-UML diagram to source code in eclipse. After you modified your diagram, select the project or class and choose Update to Eclipse, then the source code at eclipse will be updated automatically.
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