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WHA vs Europe 1975-76

WHA vs Europe 1976-77

WHA vs Europe 1977-78

WHA vs Europe 1978-79

Modo vs Vancouver Canucks 2000

Winnipeg Jets in Scandinavia
September 1977

Skellefteå - Winnipeg Jets 2-7 (1-0,0-5,1-2) (Skellefteå, SWE)
9 September. Attendance 5 648

Modo - Winnipeg Jets
11 September

Timrå - Winnipeg Jets 1-4 (Sundsvall, SWE)

Örebro - Winnipeg Jets 2-9 (0-2,1-3,1-4) (Örebro, SWE)
Attendance: 4 175

Västra Frölunda - Winnipeg Jets 3-6 (1-1,1-4,1-1) (Gothenburg, SWE)
Attendance: 3719. Referee: Orvar Cervall, SWE

Volkswagen Cup

IFK Helsinki - Winnipeg Jets 6-6 (1-1,2-3,3-2) (Helsinki, FIN)
Attendance: 4000

Leksand - Winnipeg Jets 3-2 (1-1,0-1,2-0) (Leksand, SWE)
Attendance: 5752

Södertälje - Winnipeg Jets 5-2 (1-1,2-1,2-0) (Södertälje, SWE)
Curt Larsson (ex-Jets) was in goal for Södertälje

AIK - Winnipeg Jets 7-5 (1-1,2-1,4-3) (Stockholm, SWE)
Attendance: 8422

(Djurgården - Winnipeg Jets cancelled)

Final standings:

AIK..........................................5 5 0 0 28-12 10
Leksand...................................5 3 0 2 18-12 6
Helsingfors..............................5 2 1 2 22-24 5
Djurgården...............................4 2 0 2 10-13 5
Södertälje.................................5 1 0 4 17-28 2
Winnipeg..................................4 0 1 3 15-21 1

Cincinnati Stingers in Czechoslovakia
and Finland, September 1977

Rude Pravo Cup
(17-21 September, Prague, Czechoslovakia):

Soviet - Cincinnati Stingers 11-4
16 September

Czechoslovakia - Cincinnati Stingers 8-2
17 September

Soviet - Czechoslovakia 4-1

Soviet - Cincinnati Stingers 5-2
19 September

Czechoslovakia - Cincinnati Stingers 12-3
20 September

Czechoslovakia - Soviet 5-4

Final standings:

1. Soviet, 6 points
2. Czechoslovakia, 6 points
3. Cincinnati, 0 points

Exhibition games in Finland:

Turun Palloseura (TPS) - Cincinnati Stingers 6-1 (Turku, FIN)

Porin Ässät - Cincinnati Stingers 8-2 (Pori, FIN)

Finland National Team - Cincinnati Stingers 4-8 (Vaasa, FIN)

Quebec Nordiques in Russia
December 1977

Izvestia Tournament
16-21 December, Moscow, Russia

Soviet - Quebec Nordiques 5-3
16 December

Sweden - Quebec Nordiques 6-2
18 December

Finland - Quebec Nordiques 6-6
19 December

Czechoslovakia - Quebec Nordiques 6-2
21 December

Final standings:

1. Czechoslovakia, 7 points
2. Soviet, 6 points
3. Sweden, 4 points
4. Finland, 2 points
5. Quebec, 1 point


Bobby Hull (to the left) scores the Jets' fourth goal against Modo. Local hero Anders Hedberg to the right. Modo-players are goalie #24 Sune Ödling and defenceman #21 Robert Frestadius.

In September 1977, Winnipeg Jets once again visited Sweden, and this time they faced Modo in Örnsköldsvik. Around the New Year, the Jets played three games in Japan against the Soviets. Cincinnati Stingers played in Finland and participated in the Rude Pravo Cup in Czechoslovakia, while Quebec Nordiques played in the Izvestia Tournament in Moscow. Several European teams visited North America during the season, and some games went into the WHA league standings. Apart from the Soviet National Team, the Russians also sent the Soviet All Stars. Additionally, the development teams from Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Finland also toured the WHA.11 September 1977 was a great day in the hockey history of Modo and Örnsköldsvik. Anders Hedberg was back in town with his new team the Winnipeg Jets, at the time one of the best teams in the world. Apart from playing hockey, Hedberg and his fellow hotliners Bobby Hull and Ulf Nilsson made some well appreciated publicity appearances at local shops and recreation centres while in Örnsköldsvik. The Jets had visited Sweden in September 1975 as well but this time around they mostly played their games in northern Sweden. They also participated in the Volkswagen Cup - in which they finished on last place - in the Stockholm area (with one game played in Finland). Simultanously, the Cincinnati Stingers had a hard time in Czechoslovakia. In their four losses to the Czechs and the Russians in the Rude Pravo Cup, the Stingers were outscored 36-11. Their coach Jacques Demers later said it was a waste of time going. They should never have agreed to go and face such great competition with only six days of training camp. After leaving Prague they played three games in Finland and Demers said those games were more useful. They should have gone to Finland first, then used the Rude Pravo Cup games to see how the team looked with some games under their belt. In December 1977, Czechoslovakia sent a development team to play eight games against WHA-teams, which all went into the league standings. Despite starplayers like Frantisek Cernik, Pavel Richter and goalie Vladimir Dzurilla, the Czechs won only one game, tied one but lost six. The Soviet All Stars, (which was either a development national team or an augmented CSKA Moscow), also played eight games - three wins, four losses, one tied - which went into the league standings as well. They also won two additional games (over Indianapolis and Houston) that didn't count.

Quebec Nordiques won the Avco Cup in 1977 and thus became qualified for the Izvestia Tournament in Moscow in December. Like the Jets and the Stingers in September, the Nords finished on last place in this tournament behind the national teams of Czechoslovakia, Soviet, Sweden and Finland. The Swedish team once again included Thomas Gradin (who had played against the Jets in Sweden in 1975) and Lars Lindgren (who took part in the 1976 Izvestia Tournament), but also Per "The Iron Man" Lundqvist, who played in Modo 1968-83. Included in the Finnish squad was Mikko Leinonen (in Modo 1977-79). Leinonen later made it to the NHL, playing 162 games with New York Rangers and Washington Capitals between 1981 and 1985.
The Soviets travelled to Tokyo, Japan after the Izvestia Tournament to face Winnipeg Jets in a three-game top exhibition series at the Yoyogi Arena in Tokyo. By now they were REALLY "playing hockey the world over"! Those New Year-games drew well in the Orient, with the Soviets sweeping the three games. After the stay in Japan, Soviet travelled east to play six games against WHA-teams in North America. In total the Russians had a score of 40-19. They lost only to Winnipeg Jets (3-5) after a marvellous showcase, especially by the Swedes.

In March 1978, Sweden and Finland sent their development teams to tour the WHA. Sisu Team (the Finnish development team) included Henry Saleva, who played in Modo 1983-84. Saleva gained respect during the North American tour with his seven goals and three assists. Sisu Team played five games and won three while the Swedish development team Vikingarna (The Vikings) played four games and lost three. The team included former Modo-player Anders Kallur (who had participated in the 1976 Izvestia Tournament). One of the teams that Kallur and the rest of the Vikings faced on the tour was the new incarnation of the Toronto Toros. Owner John Bassett had moved them to Alabama after the defense had collapsed in 1975-76 (which was evident already during their preseason in Scandinavia). The "bull" logo was kept while the team was renamed the Birmingham Bulls. Compared with the game in Örnsköldsvik in September 1975, only three players were still in the team by March 1978 - Frank Mahovlich, Mark Napier and Jim Turkiewiecz. New England Whalers (renamed Hartford Whalers when they joined the NHL) had the legendary Gordie Howe with sons Marty and Mark in the line-up, plus Jack and Steve Carlson, two of the "Hanson"-brothers from the film Slap Shot.

Winnipeg vs Södertälje in the Volkswagen Cup. Dan Labraaten and Bobby Hull attacks former team-mate Curt Larsson. To the left Glenn Johansson

Izvestia Tournament: Nordiques' Gerard Lariviere uses his stick and fists vs Soviet and Sweden

Anders Kallur in Modo-uniform a couple of years
before the Swedish tour vs WHA

Czechoslovakia and Soviet All Stars vs WHA, December 1977

Indianapolis Racers - Czechoslovakia 3-5 (Indianapolis, USA)
9 December

Quebec Nordiques - Czechoslovakia 8-4 (Quebec, CAN)

Winnipeg Jets - Czechoslovakia 5-1 (Winnipeg, CAN)
13 December

Edmonton Oilers - Czechoslovakia 6-1 (Edmonton, CAN)
14 December

New England Whalers - Soviet All Stars 7-2 (Hartford, USA)
15 December

New England Whalers - Czechoslovakia 5-3 (Hartford, USA)
16 December

Indianapolis Racers - Soviet All Stars 3-4 (Indianapolis, USA)
18 December

Winnipeg Jets - Soviet All Stars 6-4 (Winnipeg, CAN)
20 December

Houston Aeros - Czechoslovakia 3-2 (Houston, USA)

Cincinnati Stingers - Czechoslovakia 5-5 (Cincinnati, USA)

Birmingham Bulls - Czechoslovakia 5-0 (Birmingham, USA)
21 December

Edmonton Oilers - Soviet All Stars 5-2 (Edmonton, CAN)
21 December

Birmingham Bulls - Soviet All Stars 1-6 (Birmingham, USA)
26 December

Winnipeg Jets vs Soviet in Japan,
New Year 1977-78

Soviet - Winnipeg Jets 7-5 (2-2,4-3,1-0) (Tokyo, JAP)
29 December. Attendance: 7 000. Referee: Bill Friday, WHA

Soviet - Winnipeg Jets 4-2 (1-0,2-1,1-1) (Tokyo, JAP)
30 December. Attendance: 7 000. Referee: Viktor Dombrowski, SOV

Soviet - Winnipeg Jets 5-1 (Tokyo, JAP)
1 January. Attendance: 10 000

Soviet vs WHA, January 1978

Edmonton Oilers - Soviet 2-7 (Edmonton, CAN)
4 January

Winnipeg Jets - Soviet 5-3 (2-0,2-2,1-1) (Winnipeg, CAN)
5 January. Attendance: 10 315

Quebec Nordiques - Soviet 3-6 (Quebec, CAN)

New England Whalers - Soviet 4-7 (Hartford, USA)
11 January

Indianapolis Racers - Soviet 3-8 (Indianapolis, USA)

Cincinnati Stingers - Soviet 2-9 (Cincinnati, USA)

Sweden and Finland vs WHA, March 1978

Indianapolis Racers - Sweden 6-3 (3-2,0-1,3-0) (Indianapolis, USA)
17 March. Attendance. 5 920. Referee: Gunnar Fransson, SWE

Birmingham Bulls - Finland 2-3 (Birmingham, USA)
18 March.

Houston Aeros - Sweden 8-3 (3-1,5-0, 0-2) (Houston, USA)
21 March. Attendance 4 901. Referee: Gunnar Fransson, SWE

New England Whalers - Sweden 6-0 (0-0,3-0,3-0) (Hartford, USA)
25 March. Attendance. 7 023. Referee: Wayne Bonney, USA

Cincinatti Stingers - Sweden 4-5 (2-1, 1-1, 1-3)
26 March. Attendance 2 230. Referee 1st period: Ron Ego, CAN, 2nd-3rd periods: Joe Dame, USA.

New England Whalers - Finland 7-3 (Springfield?, USA)
27 March

Birmingham Bulls - Sweden 7-4 (3-1, 3-3, 1-0)
28 March. Attendance 7 986. Referee: Ron Fournier, CAN