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11 September 1977: Modo-player Per Lundquist ("The Iron Man") with former team-mate Anders "Swedish Express" Hedberg and the other two-thirds of Winnipeg's "Hot Line" - Ulf "Lill-Pröjsarn" Nilsson and Bobby Hull, "The Golden Jet".

...was the slogan of the Winnipeg Jets' media guide in 1977-78, and in their quest for new talent, the Jets led the WHA-clubs in signing numerous Czech, Swedish and Finnish players. In many ways the Winnipeg Jets became the heart and soul of the WHA and one of the prime forces to really make the league a WORLD hockey association. With nine Scandinavians on its 1976-77 roster, the Jets iced "The Hot Line", consisting of Bobby "The Golden Jet" Hull, Ulf Nilsson and former Modo-player Anders Hedberg, at the time one of the best forward combinations in hockey. There's even a rumour that the Jets challenged the Montreal Canadiens for the Stanley Cup! How? Well, when the Stanley Cup was presented in 1893 as a trophy for the amateur champions of Canada by the Governor-General Lord Stanley, there where no regular play offs and the champions could be challenged at any time by any team. And even if the Stanley Cup has been competed for exclusively by NHL teams since 1926, the Winnipeg Jets tried to revive the original tradition in the mid-1970's. The Canadiens and NHL ignored them, and it may be noted that Montreal never faced ANY of the WHA-teams - to be on the safe side? - when teams from the two leagues met.

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