Match programmes and souvenirs

For the games at Wembley, London Lions usually played the same opposition two or three times in the same week. One programme was issued to cover each series, but as each programme included a player picture measuring approx. 15cm x 10cm, you had to buy the programme three times to make up a set. The Lions issued a total of nine programmes. They sported two different cover illustrations, one for 1973 and another for 1974.

# 1 London Lions v Austrian Internationals
19, 21 October 1973. Included a giveaway photograph of coach Doug Barkley.

# 2 London Lions v Finnish Olympics
1, 3, 4 November 1973

# 3 London Lions v Dutch Internationals
8, 10, 11 November 1973

# 4 London Lions v Prague All Stars
15, 17 November 1973. Included a giveaway photograph of Rick McCann.

# 5 London Lions v Helsinki IFK
22, 24, 25 November 1973. Included a giveaway photograph of Ron Simpson and a survey form issued to supporters.

vs Frölunda 10 December 1973

Ahearne Cup 1973-74

# 6 London Lions v Dynamo Moscow
7, 9, 10 March 1974. Included a giveaway photograph of Nelson Pyatt.

# 7 London Lions v Prague Lions
14, 16, 17 March 1974. Included giveaway photographs of Ray Bibeau (14th), Ulf Sterner (16th) and Earl Anderson (17th)

# 8 London Lions v Helsinki IFK
23, 24 March 1974. Included giveaway photographs of Dennis Johnson (23rd) and Dennis Polonich (24rd).

# 9 London Lions v Djurgården
28, 30, 31 March 1974. Included a giveaway photograph of Terry Richardson.


At each game at Wembley, a special Souvenir Shop were selling London Lions items. The souvenirs included:

Lions Pens

Lions Pennants


Team pictures

Individual Pictures of
your favourite players


Car Stickers

Lapel Badges


A supporters' club was formed and some 200 people attended its first general meeting in the Stadium Ballroom at which officers and a committee was elected with George Beach, ex-player with the Wembley Lions, as Chairman, Claude Hopper as Secreteray and Ray Winston as Treasurer. Selected Honorary Vice-Presidents were Bob Wilson, Arsenal goalkeeper, and Lord Thomson of Fleet, Canadian Chairman of the Thomson Organisation which included newspapers The Times and The Sunday Times. Cheerleader was Carol Moore, who used to attend the Wembley games dressed in white jumper, red skirt and a toy red-and-white lion, which even was adopted by the Supporter's club as their mascot.


At the Wembley-games, the press awarded Three Stars to the player they considered the Man of the Match, Two Stars to their second choice and One Star for their third choice. Honken Holmqvist was winner of the Autumn series and Terry Richardson (?) of the Spring series.