Player profiles

# 1 Leif Erik Holmqvist (SWE)
Goalie. Born 22 September 1942 in Gävle, Sweden. Nickname: "Honken". Played 49 games for the Lions. During the 60s and 70s, he played 202 international games for Sweden. In 1968, Holmqvist participated in Boston Bruins' training camp but he never signed any contract. A third attempt as a professional came in 1975-76 when he played 19 games in the WHA. He was destined for AVCO Cup Champions Houston Aeros (where legend Gordie Howe was playing at the time) but as the Aeros ran into financial trouble, Honken was handed over to the Indianapolis Racers (which a couple of years later became Wayne Gretzkys first pro-team).

# 30 Terrance "Terry" Paul Richardson (CAN)
Goalie. Born 7 May 1953 in Powell River, British Columbia. Richardson was back-up goalie during the latter part of the season - he joined in Austria in February 1974 - and played 14 games for the Lions. On at least one occasion (26 March 1974), Richardson played AGAINST the Lions as he augmented their opponents, the Altrincham Aces. Between 1973-79 he played 20 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings and St Louis Blues.

# 30 Tim McQuiston (USA)
Goalie. Born in Wesleyville, Pennsylvania. McQuiston was back-up goalie during the first part of the season (probably until January 1974), playing 16 games for the Lions.

# 30 Bill Ian McKenzie (CAN)
Goalie. Born 18 July 1952 in St Thomas, Ontario. Played the first two games for the Lions and then returned to Detroit. McKenzie played 91 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings, Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies from 1973 to 1980. He later settled in Columbus, Ohio, where he's been an assistant coach for the Ohio State University hockey team as well as broadcaster for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL.

# 3 Murray Wing (CAN)
Right Defenceman. Born 14 October 1950 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Along with Brian McCutcheon he was the only Lion who played all 71 games for the team. Wing was less successful in the NHL, playing only one game (see A Moment in the Sun). Today Wing lives in Thunder Bay.

# 4 Ron Simpson (CAN)
Left Defenceman. Born 4 March 1949 in Montreal, Quebec. Simpson played 68 games for the Lions and was also Assistant Captain in the club.

# 5 Terrance "Terry" John Clancy (CAN)
Right Wing. Born 2 April 1943 in Ottawa, Ontario. Nicknames: "Prince", "Whip". Clancy played for Canada in the Olympic Games in 1964 and went on to play 93 NHL-games for Oakland Seals and Toronto Maple Leafs during 1967-73. He played 35 games for the Lions, probably during their roadtrip - he was still in the team in Austria in February 1974 but not when they returned to Wembley in March.

# 7 Richard "Rick" Leo McCann (CAN)
Centre. Born 27 May 1944 in Hamilton, Ontario. Nickname: "Stubby". McCann captained the Lions and played 70 games for the club. He participated in the 1966 World Championships for Canada and played 43 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings between 1967 and 1975. Over the years, McCann played in most of Red Wings' affiliates and in 2002 he played with the Edmonton Old Kings in veteran tournament Pacific Cup in Victoria, British Columbia.

# 10 Ulf Sterner (SWE)
Centre. Born 11 February 1941 in Deje, Sweden. Sterner was Assistant Captain in the club and played 64 games for the Lions. He represented Sweden in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics, and participated in most of the World Championships from 1961 to 1973. In 1964-65 Sterner was the first European player in the NHL, playing 4 games for the New York Rangers. Before joining the Lions, Sterner played a couple of pre-season games with WHA-Chicago Cougars in 1972-73. Sterner returned to Sweden after the season with the Lions but never played in the top league nor the national team again. During the 80s and 90s he was coaching teams in the lower divsions, and he even played a couple of games in the early 1990s - his 5th decade in senior hockey, making him something of a Swedish equivalent of Gordie Howe.

# 11 Duffy McCarthy (CAN)
Centre. Born in Mississauga, Ontario. McCarthy (whose real first name is Adolph) played 66 games for the Lions and he's also played professional lacrosse. After his athletic careers, Duffy worked with the Mississauga Fire Department for 25 years and is now a contractor in Mississauga.

# 12 Michael "Mike" Paul Jakubo (CAN)
Left Wing. Born 7 July 1949 in Sudbury, Ontario. Jakubo started the 1973-74 season with the Virginia Wings in Norfolk, Virginia, and joined the Lions in Austria in February 1974. Smooth-skating Jakubo was the one player the Wembley fans took to during the spring series. He made 22 points (13 goals, 9 assists) in his 24 games with the Lions and - most importantly for the British fans - spent only four minutes in the penalty box. During his career Jakubo also played in the WHA, reaching 7 games for the Los Angeles Sharks in 1972-73. Today Jakubo is Co-Ordinator of Supplies & Services for the City of Greater Sudbury in Ontario, Canada.

# 14 Dennis Daniel Polonich (CAN)
Centre. Born 4 December 1953 in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. Nicknames: "Polo", "Mighty Atom". Played 67 games for the Lions. Polonich was the one London Lion who was to make an impact on the NHL, scoring 59 goals during his 390 games for the Detroit Red Wings 1974-83. Today Polonich lives with his family in Calgary, working as a NHLPA Certified Player agent with CMG Sports.

# 15 Brian Alan Watts (CAN)
Left Wing. Born 10 September 1947 in Hagersville, Ontario. Watts played 70 games for the Lions but during his career he only reached 4 NHL-games (for Detroit Red Wings in 1975-76). In 1976-77 he went to Sweden to play, making 8 points during 25 games for Björklöven, the Birch Leaves of Umeå some 100 kilometres north of Örnsköldsvik and Modo.

# 16 Earl Orlin Anderson (USA)
Right Wing. Born 24 February 1951 in Roseau, Minnesota. Anderson played 70 games for the Lions and after that 109 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins 1974-77. He was also a member of the American team in the 1973 World Championships. Today he's back in Roseau where he works for Bryan Erickson Auto Sales alongside Dennis Johnson.

#17 Thomas "Tom" Robert Mellor (USA)
Defenceman. Born 27 January 1950 in Cranston, Rhode Island. Tom Mellor was in the American National team from 1971 to 1973, including the 1972 Olympics. He played for the Lions in the Ahearne Cup (6 games) but reached 26 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings between 1973 and 1975. For the 1975-76 season Mellor joined Gothenburg-based team Västra Frölunda in the Swedish Elite League, making 16 points in 34 games. Today Mellor lives with his family in Marlborough, Massachussets. He's got his own firm, Windham Capital Group, located in downtown Boston.

# 18 Frederick Nelson Pyatt (CAN)
Right Wing. Born 9 September 1953 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Nicknames: "Nels", "Nellie". Pyatt played 61 games for the Lions and went on to play 296 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals and Colorado Rockies from 1973 to 1980. Today Pyatt works as a fire fighter in Thunder Bay, Ontario. His son Taylor Pyatt plays in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres, where Brian McCutcheon (below) is assistant coach. During the NHL lock-out 2004-05, Taylor played for Stockholm-based club Hammarby in the Swedish second division.

# 19 Charlie A. Shaw (CAN)
Left Defenceman. Born 7 June 1951 in Toronto, Ontario. Shaw played 66 games for the Lions. Today Shaw works with VP Business in Markham, Ontario.

# 20 Brian Kenneth McCutcheon (CAN)
Right Wing. Born 3 August 1949 in Toronto, Ontario. Nicknames: "Cutch", "Boom Boom". Along with Murray Wing he was the only one who played all 71 games for the Lions. In all, McCutcheon played 37 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings 1974-77. After his career as a player he continued as a coach and today he's assistant coach for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL. His son Mark is drafted by the Colorado Avalanche.

# 21 Dennis Johnson (USA)
Left Wing. Born 14 January 1952 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Johnson played 70 games for the Lions. Today he's back in Roseau where he works for Bryan Erickson Auto Sales alongside Earl Anderson.

# 22 Michael "Mike" Wayne Korney (CAN)
Right Wing / Defenceman. Born 15 September 1953 in Dauphin, Manitoba. Korney played 31 games for the Lions during the first part of the season (until mid-December 1973). In a three-year span he was shipped to 12 minor league teams. In 1974 he was on five teams by Thanksgiving. His pro career ended with Syracuse of the American Hockey League in 1980 after having played a total of 77 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers over the years. In the 1990s Korney worked as a helicopter pilot. After piloting fire fighting choppers in Canada, he went to Qatar in 1992 where he was flying workers and equipment to offshore oil rigs in the Persian Gulf. He has changed his last name to Korey, which is closer to the spelling of his grandfather, a Ukrainian immigrant. Read more about Mike in And the meek shall inherit Qatar, a column written by Steve Marantz.

# 23 Ray Bibeau (CAN)
Left Defenceman. Born 10 April 1953 in Rouyn, Quebec. He played 65 games for the Lions but never made it to the NHL.

# 24 Richard "Rick" Gordon Newell (CAN)
Defenceman. Born 18 February 1948 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nickname: "Newly". In the fall of 1973, Newell suffered a broken jaw in training camp in Detroit and was sent to London where he wore this peculiar, football-styled helmet to protect the face. He played 17 games during October-November 1973 before going back to Virginia Wings in the AHL. Newell never played with Tord Lundström, who took over jersey # 24 when he joined the Lions in December 1973. During his career, Newell played 7 NHL-games for Detroit Red Wings (1972-74) and 25 WHA-games for Phoenix Roadrunners (1974-75).

# 24 Tord Lundström (SWE)
Left Wing. Born 4 March 1945 above the Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden. He played for Sweden in most of the World Championships 1965-75, as well as representing his country in the Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972 and in the first Canada Cup in 1976. During his career he also won 9 Swedish Championships. The Detroit Red Wings spotted Lundström already in 1966 when he toured North America with the Swedish national team, but he didn't sign until 1973 (after being offered a contract by the ill-fated New York Golden Blades in the WHA as well). Lundström started the 1973-74 season playing 11 NHL-games for Detroit but after a shoulder injury he joined the Lions in December and played 45 games for the team during the latter part of the season. And although we've never met, I'm related to Tord as his father Göte Lundström and my paternal grandfather Conrad Uhlin were first-cousins.