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Triangle Rescue Group

Several of Tidewater Grotto's members belong to Triangle Rescue Group which is based in Roanoke, VA.  Others have taken Triangle Rescue Group's rappelling courses in Single Rope Technique from basic to advanced.


Triangle Rescue Group is a highly trained, technical rescue group consisting of numerous members from Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  Founded in 1982, Triangle's Mission is to provide Management and Field Team members to assist local authorities in Medical treatment, Search and Rescue, and high level technical Rescue both above and below ground.

The members of Triangle Rescue Group have a wide variety of training and skills that enable them to  handle many different situations.  Many members have medical training ranging from Basic First Aid to EMT's trained in Wilderness Rescue, as well a Flight Paramedics.

Several of Triangle's team members are highly skilled electrical and mechanical engineers who are able to develop, evaluate and implement new equipment for lighting, communications, and technical  hardware.  Other members are ASNT Certified Inspectors that can measure the safety of these new developments before they are put into practical use.  Because of these skill, the field members are given the advantage of having the most up to date and innovative equipment to perform the necessary technical Search and Rescues.

Triangle Rescue Group is associated with the National Cave Rescue Commission.  This is an organization established to provide support, training, and organization to individuals in cave rescue.  Cave rescue is a highly specialized field where rescuers must deal with a cold, damp environment, total darkness, slippery surfaces, vertical pits, and tight confined spaces.  Its members range in expertise from our above ground support team, basic field team members, to high level technical rescuers.

Vertical Rescue

Many of the techniques that its members utilize underground are also used in cliff and mountain rescue.  Triangle has responded to numerous calls involving such problems as vehicles going over cliffs, helicopter evacuations, and/or rigging, hauling and lowering systems, and Tyrolean traverses.

Members have a wide variety of knowledge and skills in vertical rope work, some attaining as much as twenty-five years of vertical experience.  Triangle is recognized by a number of organizations such as the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, Virginia Department of Emergency Services, and the National Cave Rescue Commission as vertical rescue resources in their areas.

During recent years, Triangle has discovered a serious need for above ground search and rescue in the areas that they cover.  Efforts have been made to seek further training in all aspects of Search and Rescue, above ground as well as below ground.

Because of this effort to upgrade its skills, Triangle now offers Search and Rescue Management (ICS) teams, Field Team Leaders, Field Team members (some State Certified-VA) to assist local authorities in conducting and organizing searches.  Its membership includes an extensive support staff that aids its field team members in continuing their tasks by taking care of the base camp operations.


Throughout the year, Triangle is continuously trying to update its members' skills.  For example, each year, one weekend a month, training courses are presented by Triangle for local cavers, rescue organizations, and members in order to promote safe rescue techniques.  These classes range from the very basic single rope techniques to advanced high level technical rescue.