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TIDEWATER GROTTO is a caving club of the NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY.  It's members mainly live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. TIDEWATER GROTTO members conduct all types of caving, cave surveying, and rappelling. If you would like to contact TIDEWATER GROTTO, e-mail the Editor or send your mail to the TIDEWATER GROTTO, P.O. Box 62642, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466, and we will be more than glad to get in touch with you! Our goal is to have fun caving, and cave safely!

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For all future meetings, please contact Stephanie or Dave Carver at 
(757) 340-9342.

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Joedy's parting words as Chairman and Editor.

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VPI Cave Club's Knots Article
Grapevine Grotto

An Introduction to Caves and Caving

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"Considerations for Rope Rescue in 2002" by Kenneth N. Laidlaw

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