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Tidewater Grotto Meeting
Thursday, April 27th, 7:30 p.m.

Vickie Paul is hosting this month’s meeting.

Vickie Paul
4387 Atwater Arch
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

471-7975 (home)
675-8603 (cell)

From 264 E (coming from Norfolk), take Independence Boulevard Exit (the first one) – it will say Independence Princess Anne area.

Exit ramp will split – Baxter Road will go off to the right – STAY LEFT onto Independence Blvd.

Stay in one of the right two lanes; road will split again.

Bear to the right. This will put you on S. Independence Blvd.

You will make a RIGHT onto Windsor Oaks Blvd.  (There will be a light and a 7-11 on the right.)

Stay on Windsor Oaks Blvd. – you will pass a school on your left and then you will drive through Midway Manor and come to a light at Princess Anne Road.

You will want to travel straight through this intersection so you will need to be in the center lane.

Once you cross Princess Anne Road the road you are on will turn into Salem Road. Stay to the LEFT. (You will turn at the first left.) You will immediately go under an overpass. After the overpass you will see some apartments on your left – take the first turn you can into the complex - Lake Princess Anne (there is only one entrance so if you miss it you will have to go to the light and make a U-turn). The entrance drive is called Dewitt – it is really just a circular drive, so once you are in you will bear right onto Atwater Arch.

She is in the third building on the right. You can park in any space that isn’t numbered. The four spaces directly in front of each unit are numbered.

There are four units in each building – she is in the back right corner, but there is just one entrance door. It has her address – 4387 both inside and out.