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Spring VAR 2004

April 23-25, 2004
Grand Caverns, Grottoes, VA
Hosted by Tri-State Grotto

Spring VAR 2004 Pre-Registration Form

Please mail this form with your check (payable to Tri-State Grotto; ‘Spring VAR’ on memo line) to:

Tri-State Grotto Spring VAR 2004 Registration
c/o Judy Fisher
PO box 276
Berkeley Springs, WV 2541

Use pre-registration prices only if your form is postmarked on or before April 12, 2004. Thank you.




 21 years old or older? Yes/No (Please Circle)       Age if under 21_________________

 NSS Member? Yes/No (Please Circle)     NSS Number__________________________

 Grotto Affiliations: ____________________________________________________________

 Do you want a Vegetarian Meal? Yes/No (Please Circle)

 VAR Fees:

Through April 12, 2004 (we’ll use the postmark):

 Adult (15 + years): $28.00 X ____________= $_______________

 Children (5-15 years): $25.00 X___________= $________________

 Babies (0-4): Free

 Total amount enclosed: $_______________________________

 Cost after April 12: add $5.00 to the fees per person.