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Memorial Day Grotto Trip
May 23-26
Franklin, WV
by Joedy Klimas

This trip turned out to be a great success!  Rita, myself, Carl Hanbury, Becky and Shawn Simmers, Jo Bazar,  Paul and Tracy Grouchmal, and Mary Jo Lehman all met a Thorn Spring Campground at Franklin, WV.  Since I was still under strict orders not to cave with my healing broken finger, Shawn and I fly fished all weekend.  Maybe I should break some more fingers.  Shawn and I caught Brook Trout and Fall Fish (30 or more)!  I even got one Fall Fish which measured 18 1/2 inches long.  Unfortunately, Fall Fish are reported to have a taste somewhat akin to "brown paper covered in salt!"   We caught and released all the fish.  It was awesome fishing!  I got to try out of some of my hand tied fluorescent green flies.  Just throw the light from a flashlight on them for a second or two, cast the dry fly out and wham, another fish!

Everyone had a great time caving.  Tracy had never been caving before.  Jo's comments on the trip were:

"Well, I had a wonderful time riding up and back with Mary Jo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Tracy's first time in a cave was priceless; I'd almost forgotten the wonderment of seeing bats for the first time! The time in Hamilton was spent back and forth, back and forth through the maze and has only made me more determined to see the other 3/4 of the cave! The trip was a well deserved respite for me with great friends. Can't wait to do it again."

62.jpg (30945 bytes)
There's a cave up there, wet and muddy, ready to be explored
Kenny Simmons Cave!

49.jpg (60583 bytes)
Top row: Mary Jo, Carl, Jo,
Bottom row: Paul, Tracy, and Betsy
at Keyes Cave.

55.jpg (43917 bytes)
Betsy Simmers, Keyes Cave

57.jpg (43333 bytes)
Paul and Tracy Grouchmal,
Keyes Cave

59.jpg (41489 bytes)
Rita, Jo and Carl,
Keyes Cave


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