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Setting up to go down.

Pat and Rita went down first.  They experienced some problems with the rope twisting as it came out of the rope bags trying to form knots before it went through their racks.  In the future, Ill have to straighten each 300 rope and get any twist out prior to laying them into the rope bags.  As Pat descended and the rope got less and less in the bag, he could not help but think, "Man, I hope there is enough!"  Yes, there was enough.  Communicating to the top in this cave is almost impossible.  Once someone is down 150' or more, you can't communicate to those above.  People on top have to rely on pulling the lines to see if someone is finally off.  Betsy and I gave Pat and Rita plenty of time to get down and then we started down.  Now this cave has a nasty projection on the far wall away from the side of the cave you rappel down.  It's called the Fishhook.  The problem with the Fishhook is that it is 20 feet away and up on the opposite wall but in line with your travel as you cross the first 45 muddy slope.  Continuing down hole, your line crosses to the opposite side of the pit and sometimes gets snagged on the Fishhook.  Going down hole, you don't know this has happened.  Then coming back up, you start ascending and are stuck.  If you climb up to the Fishhook and dislodge your rope, you then swing 20 feet and pendulum splat into the other wall.

Picture of the Fishhook by the Cleveland Grotto


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