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A note from Joedy Klimas, Editor and Chairman of Tidewater Grotto:

Friends, it has been great caving with you.  We've had a wonderful time and many grand experiences.  Thank you all.  It's time you vote in a new Chairman and Editor for Tidewater Grotto.  I effectively resign both those positions on 9/7/05.  I will still be a member of Tidewater Grotto.  I'll just have a shorter distance to get to the caves.

Effective 9/7/05, I will have moved to Wytheville, VA.  No more Chesapeake, VA.

My new address is:

1592 Berea Road
Wytheville, VA 24382
Home phone:  (276) 223-0099
Cell Phone:     (757) 404-7482