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The list below represents a beginner's check off list of caving equipment.  Items may be substituted with more costly  equipment from caving venders as they progress in the sport.

Equipment List

EQUIPMENT LIST FOR CAVING Each person should pack there own caving equipment so they can locate it easily and know they have it.  Check off as packed.


O       Hard hat
       Hard hat main light
O     Second Helmet mountable battery operated light
O       Batteries (new set each day) and extras for hard hat main light battery pack while caving
O       Flashlight with batteries inside and extra bulb or other backup light which fits on helmet or goes in pack
O       Candles (approx. 5 inches) 1 or 2
O       Waterproof matches in container
O       Pair long johns (tops & bottoms) a MUST for each day
O       Coveralls or loose fit shirt and pants to wear over cave clothes
O       1 pair hiking boots (high tops with good ankle support preferred) with deep grooved soles only - NO leather soles!
O       Wool socks - 2 pair!
O       Kneepads a MUST
O       Canteen/water bottle
O       Garbage bags (2 large) for muddy clothes + 1 for inside hard hat
O       Gloves a MUST
O       Shorts over long johns, under coveralls
O       Large fanny pack - everything for in cave +water + lunch
       Do not wear jewelry while caving 
       If you wear glasses, bring a second pair to carry in your pack in a hard case.1  

OPTIONAL: Package drink/hard candy/gum for energy snack in cave.

If you do not have coveralls, you can wear pants/shirts large enough to fit over first layer of clothes. These are taken off before entering vehicle because of dirt/mud.  You cannot cave in TIGHT pants!  Your boots will probably still be wet to cave in on the second day, so be sure to bring your wool socks to help absorb the moisture.

NO LEATHER SOLES or you will slide around in the caves. Metal canteens leave bruises; soft ones are better.  MUST have both hands free to cave! 

1.  Most of the caves in our area of operation are made of limestone and can be dusty.  Limestone contains lime which can be caustic to the skin and eyes.  If you wear contacts, it is recommended that they not be worn while caving.  The dust can get behind the lenses and cause eye problems.