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Upcoming Events

Sept 2-6: (Labor Day Weekend):
Old-Timers Reunion (OTR) Dailey,
WV. See OTR Web site for info.

Fall VAR 2004
Sept 24-26
At Camp Kidd in Tucker County, WV
 Hosted by Monongahela Grotto.
For more info go to:

Saturday, Oct 9th
Roanoke Valley
2nd Annual Inter-Agency Cave Rescue Event
at Catawba Murder Hole, Botentourt County
For more information contact
Dan McConnell at (540) 966-1345 or (540) 353-0236

July 4-8, 2005: 2005 NSS Convention,
Huntsville, AL. Hosted by the Huntsville
Check out the website or contact
Jim Hall or 
256-772-9829 for more info.


That's all for this Ooze folks,  cave softly!


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