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Grotto Business

We have $864 in the treasury.  Stephanie Carver is now our new Treasurer.  Thank you Stephanie for assuming this position from Al Stubbe.

Our Grotto T-shirt order has been processed and the shirts may be picked up at Joedy's house.  If you have any questions about the order, please contact Joedy Klimas.

The Grotto Picnic at Joedy and Rita's house on Saturday, 15 May 2004 was a lot of fun.  It was the typical hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks.  The rappel tower in Joedy's front yard got to see some use and provided amusement for both spectators and rappelers.

Overcoming Rappel Tower Jitters
Way to go Lesily Thiel!

Recent Activities

Betsy Simmers put together a Memorial Day weekend cave trip to Franklin, WV.  The weekend's weather was so great caving was put aside and hiking and fishing became the events.  Betsy, her husband Shawn, and Joedy hiked up to Sites Cave one afternoon.  The next day, Rita and Betsy hiked up Seneca Rocks while Shawn and Joedy were more than happy to fly fish the rest of the weekend. 

Future Activities

Joedy will be attending the 2004 Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar at Gerdon Youth Center, Corydon, Indiana June 19-26, 2004.  He will be unable to attend the June Tidewater Grotto Meeting at Stephanie's house.  

No Grotto caving trips are planned at this time.  If anyone would like to set up a trip, just give Rita or Joedy a call and they will be more than willing to e-mail everyone in the Grotto.

For our Colonial Coast Girl Scout Cavers, don't forget Joedy's white trailer will not be available for the June 24-27 Organ Cave trip, so help Stephanie out by bringing vehicles with lot's of room.  I hope everyone has fun in the Lewisburg/Organ Cave area caving this trip.


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