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It's 0.8 miles as the crow files to climb up the 800-foot elevation winding path to Cave Mountain Cave.  On this trip, Rita's group took the walk in 40-60 mile per hour winds and 40F or lower temperatures.  Now that's caving!  Accomplishment was the expression on everyone's face when they returned to camp!

Joedy's group did Kenny Simmons Cave where all were able to see the lake at the bottom of the cave where long ago parties were held and a boat took people for a lake ride.  Parts of the boat can still be seen in the bottom of the lake.  Once we left Kenny Simmons Cave and arrived at Keys Cave, leaders for a Boy Scout troop who were also staying at Thorn Spring Park in the cabins approached our car.  They asked, "Did someone in your group use a yellow tent to sleep in last night."  Joedy replied, "Yes, Rita slept in Quinn's tent last night while Quinn and Kyle slept in the cabin."  "We saw the yellow tent floating down Thorn Creek this morning, retrieved it, poured out about six gallons of water and secured the tent again in back of your cabin," they said.  "Great," Joedy replied, "thanks."  That tent had been 50 yards from the creek.  How did the tent get into the creek with Rita's sleeping bags and ground pads inside?

Betsy's group and Darrell's group did Trout Cave simultaneously.  Both groups had a great time and met along the way.

Upon returning to Thorn Spring Park after caving Keys Cave, Joedy's group met Darrell Gross who said that their ten-man tent had been completely destroyed (poles broken, stays snapped, and tent ripped).  Our caving groups had been underground when apparently a huge wind had come down the valley at Thorn Spring Park and had just played havoc with the tents.  Darrell said his tent was in such bad shape it looked like a bear had destroyed it.  Darrell's group decided it was time to go so they packed up and left.

After all the cave groups had returned Saturday evening safe and sound, Quinn, Kyle, John and Erica went to Hamilton Cave, corrected Friday evening's mistakes and finally got to crawl a good ways through the "Air Blower."  I guess the walk to Cave Mountain Cave and back just wasn't strenuous enough for them.  John was nicknamed the "Butterfly" as he seemingly made the crawls in Hamilton look effortless.  Good going John!

Saturday night we held our Grotto meeting at Edna's bar across from Thorn Spring Park.  All in all, this was one of the best trips our Grotto has had.  Thank you one and all.

Upcoming Events

Just as a reminder, Spring VAR 23-25 April overlaps with our Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast Cavers trip 22-25 April for those of us who also cave with the Girl Scouts.  Joedy is committed to go with the Girl Scouts during that time period.  Our Grotto needs representation at VAR.  If you plan to go to Spring VAR, please contact Rita or Joedy.

Please refer to "Caving Calendar" on our web site for current information about cave trips and related activities.  I update this calendar frequently.

That's it for this issue of Tidewater's Ooze.  Everyone get out and cave!






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