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Treasurer's Report

We have $662 in the treasury.  We have added two new members:  Rick and DeAuna Frey.  Welcome aboard!

Recent Activities

The weekend of 8 November, Rita Klimas, Tom White, and Betsy Simmers went as far back in as they could in Hamilton Cave, Franklin, WV and made it to the time through it!

Climbing and Rappelling Stuff

There are a couple of really good articles which have just come out in, 7th Edition, Sep/Nov 2003, "The Magazine", concerning the use of a French Belay (an autoblock) when descending.  I recommend this reading to everyone.  If you need your harness altered as shown in Mike "Tiny" Manke's article, give me (Joedy) a call and I will be glad to sew it up on my industrial sewing machine or sew it by hand.

Pat Minney practicing the Frog System
in Joedy and Rita's back yard
switching over from climbing to rappelling.



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