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TIDEWATER’S OOZE is the regular monthly publication of the TIDEWATER GROTTO of the NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. If you have any words of wit, trip reports or any insignificant drool, e-mail it to the Editor or mail it all to the TIDEWATER GROTTO, P.O. Box 62642, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466, and perpetuate your illiteracy!


Rita Klimas
3116 Sherwood Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
(757) 421-2613

Al Stubbe
(757) 485-0350

Joedy Klimas
3116 Sherwood Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
(757) 421-2613

Joedy Klimas

Vickie Paul
3716 Silina Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 621-7575

Joedy Klimas

Al Stubbe
713 Baywood Trail
Chesapeake, VA 23323
(757) 485-0350

The January Tidewater Grotto meeting was held 7:30 p.m., Thursday, 22 Jan 2004, at Joedy and Rita's house.  Nominations for officers were to be taken at that time.  Our present officers were nominated once again to continue in their positions.  It was moved that the nominations would be continued to include e-mail and/or written votes.  Anyone interested in nominating a person for one of our officer positions should e-mail   The February meeting is when new officers are elected.  The March meeting is when our new officers take office.

It was voted on and accepted that the Grotto should purchase minimal caving equipment (hats and lights) to be used by new people wishing to learn how to cave and subsequently become Tidewater Grotto members.  Rita and Joedy Klimas will do a cost/product survey and bring the results to the next Grotto meeting.

February's Grotto meeting will be at Thorn Spring Park, WV on Saturday, 21 February 2004, after we have all returned from caving.

Grotto dues must be collected by April 1st.  Don't forget, you can always pay your dues early!  We have approximately $670 in the treasury at this time.

Beginner Cave Trip
Trout, New Trout and Hamilton Caves
Keys Cave or Other Caves
Friday, 20 February 2004 through Sunday, 22 February 2004
Arrive Friday evening, cave Saturday and leave Sunday.
Lodging:  Thorn Spring Park, Franklin, WV.
Trip Leader:  Joedy Klimas

Contact Joedy if you intend to go.
(757) 421-2613

We now have about 29 people who want to come at this time.  What a mob!  We have two cabins at Thorn Spring Park at this time (18 person cabin and  8 person cabin).  One of the small cabins (8 person) at Thorn Spring Park is being refurbished at this time and is unavailable.  If it is finished before our Grotto trip starts, we will be able to also use it also for a total of three cabins.  We hope to leave for our caves around 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

This trip ought to be a blast!  If I have left anyone out.  Please let me know.  Due to the large size of this group and limited cabin space, anyone wishing to attend who is not on this list will be added to a wait list.  People on the wait list will be notified if someone cancels. 

Please check this list daily in the "Caving Calendar" section of our web page since it seems to be constantly changing.  Rita and I will be in California Jan 24-31, 2004.  I will answer any e-mails received during that time period after I get back.

Total People
23 6 18


6 1
People Adults Under Age 18 Large Cabin


Camping Separate Accommodations
Gary Pierce 1


Paula Pierce 1


Ashley Pierce 1


Pat Minney 1 1
Courtney Minney 1 1
Carl Hanbury 1 1
Joedy Klimas 1 1
Rita Klimas 1 1
Matt Cleveland 1 1
John Hofler 1 1
Erica Sutherland 1 1
Erica's Friend 1 1
Ben Richard 1 1
Jen Young 1 1
Steven Berta 1 1
Rachel Berta 1 1
Betsy Simmers 1 1
Joy Reynolds 1 1
Nick Thiel 1 1
Nick Thiel's wife 1 1
Rebekah McGowan 1 1
Mary Jo Lehman 1 1
Darrell Gross 1 1
Austin Gross 1 1 1
Carson Gross 1 1 1
John Schrader 1 1
Vickie Paul 1 1
Larry Burridge 1 1
Katheryn McDonough 1 1

Spring VAR 2004

April 23-25, 2004
Grand Caverns, Grottoes, VA
Hosted by Tri-State Grotto

Tri-State Grotto is hosting Spring 04 VAR.  We have included a registration form with this newsletter.  There is a considerable saving by pre-registration, which allows us to plan the number of meals and drinks.  We will post a pre-registration form on the VAR List Serve and Tri-State’s Web Page as well as a mailing to all Grotto Newsletters.   See "VAR" or "Caving Calendar" on the Tidewater Grotto web page for a copy of the pre-registration form.

The location of Spring 04 VAR will be Grand Caverns located off I-81 at the Weyers Cave Exit #235 in Grottoes, Va.  The date is April 23, 24, & 25th.  This has been a popular site in the past with level camping and we are adding some porta pottys and hopefully hot showers.  Registration will open Friday 12 noon.  John Fox will DJ Friday evening with the usual caver beverages.

Guided trips are planned for Saturday including a kid’s trip.  Andy Reeder will lead a conservation trip to Grand Caverns.  Saturday evening dinner will be catered by Bob’s Big Beef featuring Bar B Que beef and pork, fried chicken, potato salad slaw, beans, rolls, drinks, and brownies.  Vegetarian meals will be available by request.  A speaker will be on tap followed by more music and beverages.

Front Royal will have their award winning breakfast Sunday morning for an additional fee.  The VAR business meeting will start at 9am.

For further information or questions contact J.C. & Judy Fisher at 304-258-1822 day or 304-258-4974 evenings.  You may e-mail us at

That's all till next time.  It's time to get out and go caving!