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Another Life

Hi, everybody! This is Angela, the owner of the site, and the author of this exact fan fiction. This is the first fan fiction I updated, and I am very proud of myself to write this up, in just one afternoon (the prologue I mean). This probably isnít the best fan fiction I have written, but please read it. Enjoy it please!

Prologue: After Everything

This is a long time after Hikaru became the Pillar of Cephio, and made the wish. Fuu and Umi had introduced Prince Ferio and Ascot to their family. All the Magic Knights were around 20. Umi and Fuuís parents had already given them permission to marry Ascot and Prince Ferio. Clef and Presea seemed to get very close.

Though, Umi and Fuu thought it was very weird how Hikaru had never even mentioned a thought about marrying Eagle or Lantis (it was hard to tell who Hikaru liked better). Umi and Fuu were fussing about it the past few months, but Hikaru still remained like how she used to be, no thought about marrying. To really think about, Lantis and Eagle seemed to disappear all of a sudden. People still sees Lantis sometimes, but rarely. And after Eagle woke from his long sleep, he seemed to vanish from face of earth. No one really knows what happened to him, but no has seen him again. Umi and Fuu tried to ask Hikaru about it, thinking Hikaru must know something about it, but every time they bring up the topic, Hikaru change the topic, or she would stand still and say nothing. Hikaru, after Eagle and Lantis disappeared, seems to have turned cold and she acted totally different from before.
The wedding of Umi and Ascot and Fuu and Prince Ferio are about to take place. And also the wedding of Lafarga and Caldina. There sure are a lot of weddings going on. People all over Cephio and people from Autozam, Fahran and Chizeta and the other countries are coming too and of course the parents of Umi and Fuu. It sure is going to be a very big wedding ceremony! Hikaru was going to be the flower at Umiís wedding. Though she isn't really very excited about it. All the grooms and brides were busy dressing up in the dressing room of the great palace of Cephio, getting ready.

So, how do you like it so far? I hope you like it and will keep reading. I am working hard on the other chapters, so be patient and wait for the rest of the story to come out. If you like and think this the best part of the site, then maybe you could e-mail some of you fan fictions to, so other people can enjoy them. Please! I am very short on them. How fast do you expect one person to writes. And plus, I am pretty busy, you know. With all the homework, I donít have all my time on these. So, click on the link below and to the next chapter!