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Umi's Daily Talk and News
(08-03-02) (Umi-HEY ALL OF YOU THAT ARE HERE, READ THIS PART FIRST! BECAUSE IT BELONGS TO ME, AND YOU ALL LIKE ME, RIGHT? AND PLUS, THE NEWS THE FRESHEST HERE, AND PLUS YOU CAN KNOW A LOT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE REAL SITE!) Hi, people! (Umi-Ha, I finally got a section and Fuu still haven't!) Umi is super happy, so she's going crazy! Well there are a lot of new that need to be reported, and I must thank Umi. (Umi-Ha, bow to me if you really mean it!). No way!

1. I'm very sorry, but the pictures won't be showing for a while, because I am going to delete them and make them smaller, then upload it and then you may all see them once again. The problem with the large pictures I have is that they take up too much space, so my web space are get smaller fast because of them. Sorry.

2. I am sure all of you are glad to hear, the fanfictions are coming up! Click here to go here on a short cut.

3. The prologue of my fanfiction are up, please check it out!