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Presea's House of Links

(08-07-02) Hi, this is the place with a lot of links, and if you are looking for other websites to go to, and you can not find any others, then you are in the right place. These are some of the wonderful sites that I have been to, and I would like to suggest to you. Please try them out, they are quite nice.

Home of the Magic Knights
This one is by one of my friends, Disen, you know the one that wrote the first disagreement e-mail, she did this a long time ago, but it's pretty good.

Home of the Magic Knights
This on is also by Disen, she thought the one on top was canelled, but it wasn't. So she made this one as a replacement. She worked on this for a longer time, so you might think this one is better. It's got a lot of pictures.

Primera's Magic Knight Rayearth Page

This site is a great one, it's got a lot of music, a lot, lot pictures, and all the stuff that you can think of. I like it a lot, and I visit it a lot too.

(08-07-02) Hi, it is me again. As you can see, I do not have much links yet, so please submit your websites to this site if you have one. Please click here if you are interested. Remember, I really need you support!