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Whoever enters my room will first of all see several posters of my favourite places around the world - Norden mostly, yeah! - and pictures from my travels...It will be clear then how much I Iove travelling. But for my own benefit there is also another little poster, one that hangs from my door and says:

"Det bästa med att komma hem är att man kan resa bort igen"

(The best thing with coming home is that you can leave again)

Whenever I come back home from a trip, that poster will be the very first thing I see, reminding me another trip will come. Because, like Saramago said....

"A travel never ends. Only travellers do, but even they con be prolonged through memory and narration. [...]The end of a travel is only the beginning of a new one...You have to see what you have never seen before and see again what you have already seen [...]You have to go back on your own steps, to walk them again and to draw new paths beside the old ones. You have to start the travel over again. Always. The traveller comes back at once."

Travels, yeah..Real ones, dreamed ones, planned ones...But my passion for travelling goes to read and write about travels, too. I'll try and collect more and more of my travel reports here, but also some passages from books and quotes by other travellers...I hope they will inspire you to go out in the big world and see more of it yourself!



Some of my travels...(click on the pictures to read the journals)


[well, these pictures are obviously NOT mine..But they were too beautiful to resist the temptation of using them! My own pics are inside the travel journals!]


Other travellers' words....

"The traveler was active; he went strenously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects things to happen to him. He goes "sight-seeing" (Daniel J. Boorstin, The Image)


"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affiar is to move." (Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a donkey)


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