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So by now you should have understood the choice of this nickname of mine
what it was inspired from...
But if you want to learn more about me, keep on reading...


Basic facts (more or less!)...

Full Name: Viviana Laura Quaroni
School: The last one was Milan State University
Zodiac sign: Pisces... I'm a dreamer :)


Favorite town to chill: Stockholm could be one!
Cereal: Kellogs All brand,Kellogs Red Fruits
Favorite TV shows: Party of Five, ER, The X-Files, Dark Angel...
Favorite movies: Interview with the Vampire, Good Will Huntig,
Almost Famous, The Crow, The 25th Hour, Lost in Translation,
+ Juliet etc...
Favorite food: Sushi, pizza, pancakes, icecream...
Favorite scent: stationery shop one (!!), vanilla,
nature after rain,the Nordic soil..
Favorite thing to drink: cider, white wine
Non alcoholic: water, coffee, orange juice
Favorite Music Group: Go see the music session!
Favorite thing to do on the weekend: travel!


Who have you known the longest of your friends:
that must probably be Alessia, whom I've known since childhood
Who are your close friends: they know that! :o)
What's on the walls in your house: posters of Norden &
a few of the bands I like,
photos of places & friends, Carl Larsson + Kay Stenvall's reproductions
Worst feeling in the world: Failure,
and the loss of all that meant something to you..
Best feeling in the world: Fulfillment (in all senses!)
One pillow or two: no pillows!
Words or phrases you overuse: "Dream on!"

-------------PAST AND FUTURE----------------

Past side

What do you remember most about last year:
of 2002 (when this was first written)- my holiday in Finland, getting my first real job
of 2003 - work misery and my trip to FL & LA

Memory(thing/person) you miss the most: having peace of mind...

Future Side

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years:
Hopefully abroad, leading a life I enjoy!

--------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------

Yourself?: Most of the times...
Heaven/Hell: Sure, we live through them every day...


And 7 + 7 things that is good to know about The wanderer...

7 facts about me:
1. Most people call me just Viv or Ivy
2. I was born on a snowy day of February
(the 25th,to be precise) in 1976, in Pavia, Italy
3. I have a university degree in Foreing Languages and Literatures...
4. ...but I haven't really decided how to use it!
5. I've been vegetarian since 1997
6. I'm quite addicted to coffee
7. I have worked as congress & event organizer for nearly 2 years
but now I'm into the editorial field.

7 things I love:
1. My friends & pals (although they are obviously NOT things! ;o) )
2. Norden & cold lands
3.Travelling - just in case you hadn't noticed!
4. Music
5. Letters & e-mails, both writing and getting them. And slams!
6. Vampires & gothic culture
7. Deep conversations

7 things I hate:
1.Living in Italy
2.Closemindedness & ignorance
3. People who judge or talk badly about things they don't know well enough
4. Having to part from those I love...
5. Mobile phones ringing all the time everywhere!
6. Seeing people's (and esp. women's) and animals' rights abused
7. Chart music - most of it anyway!

7 things I am afraid of:
1. Being forced to give up my dreams
2.Getting stuck in Italy for the rest of my life
4. Ignorance & fanatism
5. Failing
6. Losing the ones that mean the world to me...
7. Wasting my time & brain

7 things that make me laugh:
1. My cats
2. "Monsters Inc." - the funniest movie ever!
3. "The Osbournes"
4. Some of my friends
5. "Lost in Translation"
6. ...
7. ...

7 things that make me cry:
1. Some songs...Like "Time of your life" - Greenday,
"Fire and Rain" - James Taylor
"The Ballad" - Testament
2. Partying from those I love...
3. Images from September 11th, 2001
4. Anger, sometimes
5. Thinking back of my departure from Arlanda airport om March 15th, 1999
6. Reading some old letters again
7. Having to return to Italy after a period abroad...

7 things I don't understand:
1. People who travel abroad but want to live just like at home!
2. People who keep asking me "why Sweden/Scandinavia?"
3. Maths!
4. Religious fanaticism
5. People blaming the Us for all the evils in the world!
6. Economics
7. When I sense things before I'm actually told them...

7 things I'm good at:
1. Complainging! Ehm! ;o)
2. Foreign languages (or so I have been told)
3. Listening
4. Day Dreaming
5. Keeping in touch with people
6. Being a pessimist...& Seeing the negative sides of things first...
7. Following my dreams & working/fighting for the things I really want

7 things I suck at:
1. Maths!
2. Accepting compliments
3. Waiting/ being patient
4. Not getting so attached to people who live far away!
5. Forgiving, I'm afraid...(inluding forgiving myself)
6. Giving up - me stubborn?! ;o)
7. Accepting my mistakes

7 things always on my desk:
1. My mini-stereo
2. My letter folder
3. A framed picture of me & my Finnish best friends in Kauppatori - Helsinki
4. A metal, heart-shaped paper holder
5. Candles
6. A plastic mug from Las Vegas, full of gel pens
7. Various pieces of paper...

7 things I miss
1. All the ones I truly love but live so far away from me...
2. Living in Sweden, esp. the time when I lived by myself
3. Endless, deep conversations with The Scientist
(& everything else we have shared, too, to be honest!)
4. Peace of mind
5.Spending HOURS drinking coffee & talking with J. "the Devil"
6. Having more free time
7. The money to lead the life I'd love to have! ;o)


7 things to do before I die:
1. Move abroad for good!
Most likely to Sweden,
but I wouldn't exclude other possibilities, either!
2. Travel a whole lot more!
3. Meet all my penfriends at least once
4. Meet a soul mate who does not live too far way from me...
5. Learn a few more languages (Finnish -working on that now!-, Icelandic...)
6. See all the bands I love live!
7. Find peace of mind!!!!


Care reading the results of some tests I took? You could be surprised! ;o)


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