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Travel links
Friends & People
Fun stuff & other interesting places
The Marsden Archive
Evils R us - fun site for metal heads!
Quizes - just for fun!
Harry Potter - Dragolordess hads the most extensive HP link page I can think of..So check out HER HP links!
  What's your Hobbit Name?
Literary travel   And your Elvish name?
Alaska - one day I'll go there!   Anti-stress penguin - I love it!
Greenland - So far I've only seen it from an airplane...   T.B's Nightmare Before Christmas - remember that movie? I still love it!
Antartica - a dream... Chick lit - for women who love words!
    Dark Side of the Net - my favourite radio station!
Important places
SPCVA - this is the funniest ever! ;o)
Piercing - since I use to have one...& I miss it!
Gothic fashion -beautiful clothes I will probably never wear!
Swapping groups I belong to


More will be coming soon! Suggestions are more than welcome, anyway!



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