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"Over the hills and far away…"
Finland, August 2002

01.08.02 So here I am again now, ready for another trip to one very familiar destination: Suomi Finland! There's not really any excitement about it, as it's hardly a new place ( it's in fact going to be my 7th time there!), but I'm nevertheless very glad to be leaving and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everybody there again! This year's trip to Finland is going to bring about some special events :o) and, moreover, this is also my very first paid holiday, which does feel like a nice change!! :o)
Changes, yes, there have been a few…Malpensa airport, from which I'm leaving for this trip, has got a new atmosphere around itself, one I can not get used to…KLM check-in area (yes, I'm flying with this company again…fingers crossed, fingers crossed - may my suitcases arrive safely this time!!) is right beside Delta and United Airline ones and the effects of that are very visible…The airport is packed not only with tourists, but also with policemen…Fully armed policemen who are obviously here for my own safety as well, but have instead an incredible ability of making me feel very uneasy. I can't force myself to forget why they are here or what the international situation looks like right now…Yet, I chose to fly anyway, I chose & keep choosing not to be afraid and not to let terrorism effect my daily life…
Anyway, Finland! I'll be there in about 10 hours (due to a 4 hour stop in Amsterdam) and that feels like ages, but hopefully won't be too bad…
And my flights go actually just fine: a great Swedish novel ("Ju mer jag ser dig" by Luoise Bojie af Gennäs), some brilliant music and a pile of unsigned slams keep me company during the trip as well as the stop at Schiphol airport. I even meet a nice Finnish girl on the plane to Helsinki, which makes the journey a little less boring and the Italian girl sitting next to us a little less annoying! ;o) By 10 pm I'm finally landing at Helsinki Vantaa and I even get my suitcases without any problems (thanks goodness!!)! And then it's time to meet Maria & Dennis…That goes exactly like I had thought it would…Things between me and Maria have changed and there's no way to deny that. We are not Göteborg's au-pair anymore and we will never be again…Dennis, her fiancé, is just like I had imagined, too (and understanding is Finland's Swedish dialect is just as difficult as I feared!) and sometimes it will be very hard to deal with them together…Definitely too much sugar & glue for my taste! But we did have some fun and me and Maria even got to have some good conversations. And although the old "feeling" is gone, it's indeed nice to see her again.
But this has been a very long day for me and around midnight I can hardly keep my eyes open any longer…Good night! Or actually… "hyvää yötä"! ;o)

02.08.02 Finland, Finland! I wake up and can smell the good old smell of nature and Nordic soil…and it immediately feels like I'm back home in Norden again!
We are going to take it easy today, especially because I arrived at this trip being very tired from work and a quite intense weekend is ahead of me! So me and Maria just have breakfast for a couple of hours (and that definitely felt like being back in Göteborg!) and then we all go for a bike ride in Espoo and for a walk by the seaside there. It's a very nice area; too bad this is going to be the only cloudy day of my entire holiday here. And just like that, walking and chatting and taking it easy, my first full day in Espoo passes by…

03/04.08.02 The weekend is here and that means Ankka Rock festival with Tanya! :o) It's so much fun to meet her again after 5 years and go to this festival with her! :o) We are very lucky and get two wonderful sunny days ( I even got a tan.. argh! ;o) ) and we have a great time there! The park where the festival is held is very nice, there are not too many obnoxious drunk people (not at all!) and we even get to meet our mutual pal Satu from Turku (metal slammers gathering for a festival, yeah!). Most of the bands playing are pretty impressive: Saturday highlights are The 69 Eyes (although they are not very different live from what they sound like on cd…), Don Huonot and Suburban Tribe (a pretty nice surprise! I didn't know them before, although I was familiar with their singer who was in Kyyria - a totally crazy guy who's wearing a t-shirt saying "legalize hemp!" today…;o) - , but I really enjoyed their gig! )… I can't really say the same about the night's "big act" - Motorhead… Geez, they are still crazy, but *old*! And so was the audience by the time they played.. It got a little boring after a few songs (is it my own impression or do they all sound the same?), so me and Tan actually decided to start walking back to our train before the end of their show.. And of course they start to play "The ace of spade", the only song I wanted to hear, while we're going away! Oh well, by 2am we're not only back at Tanya's place in Helsinki, but we are actually already in our beds - may festival dreams be with us!
Even the second day of the festival turns out really well (apart from Eppu Normaali's performance… One big karaoke …where I'm the only one who can not sing along! :o( ) and around mid afternoon the moment comes for Nightwish to play! I have been patiently waiting for seeing them live for about three years and now the time has finally come! We get to stand in the first row and their show is just amazing! Tanya is drooling over Marco ("hyvääää Marrrco!!!"), while I give my preferences to Tuomas "The Sexy Cat", but it's actually the whole band playing some wonderful music and Tarja's great charisma that rule and catch everybody's eyes and ears! And after such a great show, it doesn't take me and Tan too long to decide we are going to one extra Nightwish concert - the teenage one at Tavastia Club, right before the "regular" gig we already have tickets for! Yeah, I know, it's going to be just a bunch of kids, but who cares! Nightwish are probably never going to come playing in Italy, so I have to see them here as much as possible! And Tanya is just crazy and nice enough to follow me on this plan! ;o)
But Sunday is not over, yet…Hanoi Rocks, a Finnish melodic metal band from the 80's whose members believe we're *still* in the 80's (maybe because of all the drugs they have been taking??) are going to close the festival and that's definitely one memorable ending! Even if I know only a few of their songs, they are so crazy on stage that one can not help enjoying their performance! It's pure 80's - all glitter and confetti and fireworks and stuff! Mike Monroe, the singer, is insane and they basically have to drag him away from the stage to make him stop singing! Because when their time is over and the festival is supposed to end, he gets back on stage and shouting "fuck the system", he starts singing again, followed by his just as crazy band!
By 22.30, when the show is over (and Mike is probably kept quite backstage by two men in white coats! ;o) ), I'm definitely tired, but satisfied! Maybe next year I'll just fly in for Tuska (metal festival) or something?! ;o)

05.08.02 Yawn! Tanya has to go back to work after her summer holidays today and waking up at 6.20 is very painful for both of us…Yet, we get to drag ourselves out of bed, have breakfast and finally get down town. Yawn, yawn… After spending a couple of hours at Ateneum, the Finnish National Gallery and Tanya's working place, I'm meeting up with Maria for some good shopping in warm, sunny Helsinki! Spending money on Swedish books is just too easy here, but I'm trying to keep myself quiet, so I come out from Akademiska Bokhandel with "only" three Swedish novels! After a very spicy wok meal and some more shopping, we find our way back to Espoo: Maria's parents are waiting for us for a grill night by the lake tonight! It's a warm evening and after a tasty dinner outside, we end up having a sauna - could this feel more Finnish? Probably not! ;o)

06.08.02 Today me, Maria & Dennis are taking a short trip out of Hki area: we are heading to Porvoo/Borgå, a small tow by the coast, about one hour of driving from Helsinki. It's been ages since I was there for the first time, with Nina's family, so it's really nice to go back to this lovely, Swedish speaking (?? Well, in theory it is…) old town! While there, besides walking around in the old part of the town, admiring the small wooden houses and all the tiny, antique shops there, we visit the town's museum (about Porvoo's history) and Runeberg's one - oh, yeah, he's the guy who wrote the Finnish national anthem, by the way! In Swedish! And both turn out to be pretty interesting… and familiar, in a way, as I have studied about Mr. Runeberg at university…a millennium or two ago!?! ;o)

07.08.02 Back in Helsinki today. Thanks to Tanya's kindness, me, Maria and Dennis get to visit Ateneum for free! This is one of the few places in Helsinki where I had never been before and today I'm finding out it's definitely worth a visit! Some of the national painters, like Albert Edelfelt, created some impressive works and above all it was right about time I got more familiar with Finnish art! After all this culture, we go for a tasty lunch at Menphis, a cool restaurant downtown, and then it's finally time for me to be saved from all this sweet glue I've been trapped in during my stay at Maria & Dennis' place.. Nina, the soon-to-be -bride, is in fact coming to rescue me for a coffee and some chats before her big day, on Saturday! It's great to meet her again and, although she's already a bit nervous, she's also already beaming! :o) And I'm very happy for her! :o) Later on I get to meet the soon-to-be-groom Aki, too…"Me? Nervous? What for? What's going on?" Eh, eh! Just wait a couple days! ;o) After spending the afternoon together, they drive me back to Espoo, agreeing on meeting again the day after.

08.08.02 This is the last day I'm going to stay at Maria and Dennis' place in Espoo, and we girls get to spend it at Espoo's new shopping centre and then at IKEA. It's more like "window shopping " as far as I'm concerned, but that's fun, too (and definitely cheaper!)! And later in the evening Aki comes and picks me up from Espoo: from now on I'll be an active part in the preparation of their wedding and that's something I was really looking forward to! Knowing what this event means for Nina, I really care about being there with her and sharing this day with her and Aki. Yeah, I'm still the one who is not into weddings and all that stuff at all, but this is a different matter! Although I may not understand all the fuss about a wedding, I definitely see how important this is for Nina and that's what matters to me! Besides, if I didn't go to this wedding, I wouldn't meet one certain person, either.. Eh, eh, just kidding!! ;o)
Once in Nummela, we drive to the "party place" (or officially "Nummelan maitohuone"), which is actually an old wooden stable now used for parties and other similar events. It's really nice and typically Finnish and tomorrow, once it gets all decorated, it will look totally lovely!
After a quick dinner at Nina's parents, I follow the wedding couple home for some more chats, but around 11pm it's time for me to go back to Nina's parents and for all of us to go to sleep. The next two days are going to be very long…

09.08.02. We spend the whole day at the "party place", with Nina's and Aki's families, best men and bride's maid. There are lots of things to do here to get everything ready for tomorrow, and despite the high number of people working at it, it's going to take us until late at night. Among the many things we need to take care of, I just can not avoid telling about the flower picking thing! Nina has decided the guests are going to throw rose petals at the couple (instead of rice) and so here we are now, sitting in the sun, picking petals for hours, while chatting.. It feels like having suddenly become Middle Age ladies, but it's actually quite much fun! ;o)
Long hours of discussions, trying to decided where everyone will be seated, are then just one of the little problems faced by these two crazy persons who decided to get married! ;o) But tomorrow it'll be clear it's all been worth it…In the afternoon I also get to witness the "general rehearsal" of the basic moment: we drive to Vihti's church, where the wedding is going to take place, and here they go, trying the walk etc.. And like the priest said, you really can not get lost! ;o)
Nina is nervous, very nervous, but who wouldn't be in her place?

10.08.02. Nina and Aki's big day! I'm still staying at Nina's parents and we get up early in the morning to start preparing the last few things and, later on, ourselves. Before 8am, me and Hannu (Nina's dad) are already driving to Helsinki, to pick up the flowers, and, once back in Nummela, it's the "party place" that needs us all again for while. While there, Nina suddenly appears - I knew they would take their photos before the ceremony so I did expect to see her there at some point, but seeing her wearing the wedding dress all of a sudden was quite an emotion! I get speechless, but what I think is that she looks absolutely beautiful! :o)
But rush, rush! Now it's time for us guests to get ready, too! The atmosphere at Nina's parents' is pretty tense, but by 1:30pm we finally start driving to Vihti. And shortly after it all begins. I'm supposed to be "the cold one who does not get moved" and I play my part pretty well, although I must admit it is a bit more difficult than I thought: when the music starts playing and Nina and her dad enter the Church, I can not deny it does feel very exciting and moving! I have known Nina for 13 years - she is not only my best friend, but also like a real sister to me and being here with her today is almost getting even cold me moved! Almost, I said! ;o) The ceremony here is much shorter than weddings in Italy are (only half an hour) and everything goes very well! After that, we all drive to the "party place" in Nummela (by this time I have joined Nina's friends, whom I had not seen in many years but who will be absolutely nice and kind to me all day long!)… and the party begins! First it's a traditional song we're supposed to sing to the wedding couple (yeah, sure, dream on…!) and champagne, and then it's food and DRINKS!, games and speeches, laughters and tears, music and dances, …It's definitely a lot more fun than those boring, formal weddings they have down in Italy and the general impression is that all the guests are really enjoying themselves! The afternoon & evening just fly away and right before midnight, the wedding couple leaves us guests, to reach their hotel suite in Helsinki. But who said the fun should stop now? I'm in fact following Nina's and Aki's friends + young relatives to Nummela "city centre", to experience some of the local night life…Ehm, ehm.. what can I say? I have definitely seen better pubs, but we have fun anyway and that's the most important thing!
The hours pass by, but around 2am, when I'm not expecting any other surprises from this day & night, life amazes me once again…Meeting him and talking with him non-stop until 5am was one and the same…One of Aki's guests whom had taken the same taxi down town as me and some others, one of the most interesting persons I have met in a long time, the first one in ages I can have a great conversation with (and somehow we end up talking about everything, including philosophical and religious subjects, as well as Dante's "Divine Comedy" - and that's rare, believe me!). But when dawn comes, the vampire in me needs to crawl back to sleep…When catching a taxi back to Nina's parents' place, I have an email address in my hands and a smile on my face… :o)

11.08.02 As embarrassing as it may sound, it's actually Nina & Aki who wake me up at 2.30 in the afternoon today! I didn't really get any sleep, but I have to try and behave, so half an a hour later I'm showered and ready (sort of..) to go to Nina's grandmother to eat…This is the first time I get salmon and potatoes for breakfast and, although delicious, I wouldn't really recommend that! Eh, eh! Deep inside myself, I'm thanking my wisdom for not having drunk too much the night before…!! ;o)
After eating and chatting for a while, we drive back to the "party place" to gather the last stuff and then it's time for me to say bye to them all and get back to Espoo, where I'm staying for one more night before travelling to Turku on Monday. But before the night ends, one email is sent, giving me half a hope that the "magical meeting" of the night before may be continued…

12/16.08.02 The travelling part of my vacation starts today, with a two-hour long train ride to Turku/Åbo. I'm going to visit Suvi there, one of my friends from my second time in Uppsala. I haven't seen her in almost two years, but nothing has changed between us: good friends we were and good friends we still are! It's always great to hang out and chat with her and moreover she has made a lot of cool plans for my visit in Turku! The first day is dedicated to one *long* walk all through the town: I get to see the Cathedral, Åbo Akademin (the only Swedish university in Finland, where Suvi has studied, too), the city centre for some shopping and some other sights. Turku is really a nice town, despite all the bad rumours about it: the rest of the country just hates this town, for some reason I still haven't understood, so they all had warned me about going there! But now I know they are just rumours - Turku is lovely and the wonderful weather definitely helps me enjoying it! Too bad that speaking Swedish does not work here as well as I thought it would… The town has officially two languages, but getting by with Swedish is not easy.. Most of the time people I address på svenska reply me in English…This is unfair! Or maybe it's just to give me one more reason to learn Finnish?! ;o)
On Tuesday we go to the famous castle, Turun Linna, and visiting it takes us several hours. While exploring the castle, we both get to learn a lot not only about this building (e.g. that it took them over two hundred years to build it!), but also about the whole town. Like the fact that Turku has burned something like 30 times…!! Ops…! ;o) After a quick lunch at the castle cafè, we decided to visit another museum, "Klosterbacken": an open air one with original buildings from a few centuries ago - it's a lovely place and the atmosphere you can breathe there just makes you walk back into history.
Later on, we go for dinner at one restaurant down town, where we are also meeting a friend of Suvi's, Anna. While there somebody calls on Suvi's mobile and in a half shocked way she tells me: "It's to you.."! And, just like I must admit I had hoped, it was him, the wedding guest! :o) So he wants to see me again, after all…We decide to meet on Friday, when I'm going back to Helsinki for a day, which means I have almost three days of wait…If I said I'm not happy and a little nervous about this meeting, I would lie…:o)))))))) But as I have been repeating over and over again, this is not a date! (Yeah, right! ;o)

Wednesday - It's my third day here on the western coast and we are going to Naantali/Nånendal, which is the Moomintrolls ' hometown!! Well, not only: it's also a lovely summer resort and it's just really nice to stroll there on this sunny day. After walking around there for a while, we go to the island where the Moomins world is located - unluckly, this theme park is now open only on weekends, but thanks to the fact that Suvi used to work there, we get to go in anyway! The place is of course empty, but I get an idea of the environment, which is just so cute! And Suvi tells me all the secrets about it! I hope that one day I'll be able to come back here and meet the Moomins, too, but especially Lilla My - my alter ego from the Moomin books! ;o)
After spending almost the whole day in Naantali, we go back to Turku, where we are meeting up with Satu for a coffee and some chats. It's fun to meet again and we spend a couple of nice hours together, but it's been a long day for me and Suvi and the time is now coming for walking back home for a quiet evening in front of a movie on tv.

Thursday is yet another day dedicated to some local culture: we're in fact going to visit "Aboa Vetus", a museum about the town in the Middle Ages. We are lucky enough to get our own Swedish speaking guide and the visit is very interesting. Now I think I know a lot about Turku! But its history and culture are not the only sides of this town I'm now discovering - it's "the artists' night" tonight and we are going out together with some of Suvi's friends to enjoy the "artistic" atmosphere of this peculiar night. First it's actually just me and Suvi going to the general rehearsal of a play at Svenska Teatern (Swedish theatre). They are rehearsing something called "Viva Venezia", about the possibility of Turku sinking into the sea and becoming a sort of Venice. It's just hilarious!! And seeing a theatre company rehearsing is a very interesting and enjoyable experience! Too bad it's less than one hour long…And even more that I can not be here for the premier in the beginning of September…:o(
After this theatrical experience, we join Suvi's friends for a cider on one of the boat bars on the Aura river. They are really nice and we have a great time together! :o) The town is really full of people, music and weird shows tonight - "of course" it's not so much about art as the name says, but it nevertheless much fun! ;o) Around midnight, though, me and Suvi start walking back home - I'm leaving tomorrow and we will have to wake up pretty early…Bye "Turku by night"!

16.08.02 I'm going back to Helsinki today to go to two (!) Nightwish gigs at the legendary Tavastia Club with Tanya and a few other friends. And that's the *official* reason! Or actually the one I had before Tuesday… Now the truth is that I'm anticipating my return to Hki of a few hours and all because I'm meeting Joonas (yeah, he does have a name!). He's three minute late (fortunately not enough time for me to start wondering if it was only a joke!) and when he arrives it's like our conversation had never stopped! And he gets to surprise me again, because his plan is to take me for a picnic.. in a park by the sea! This would already be enough for me to be very amazed, but that's just the beginning! He has not only brought sandwiches and juice for us both, he has baked the bread himself!!! Now I'm officially speechless…;o) We have about 4 hours for ourselves before I have to meet Tanya and get ready for the gigs and they just fly away…It was a *great* afternoon, but from now on, everybody asking about all this will get the same answer from me: nothing is going to happen between us, just because I won't allow that…
But I have no time to think about it all now. Two Nightwish concerts in the same night are quite an event and that's what I have to concentrate on! If their performance at Ankka Rock was good, this one is just amazing! The two gigs are slightly different from each other, the regular one being darker and heavier and with a couple of different songs than the "teenage one", but both are great! Geez, I love this band!! And after the second gig I even get to meet Tuomas "The sexy cat"! We are both too tired for having much of a conversation, but we do exchange a few words and, above all, I get to take a pic with him!! He is sexy indeed.. and tall! *Drool* ;o)
It's very late when we get back to Tanya & Micke's place and we won't be able to sleep for more than a few hours, but it's been SOO worth it!

17.08.02 I'm heading up to Oulu today and thanks to Micke driving back home to Nykarleby, I get a ride all the way to Jacobstad, so that I only need to sit in a train for two and a half hours! Chatting with Micke (in Swedish!), the long trip north seems almost short and by middle afternoon I'm already in Oulu, meeting Mia "Dragonlordess"! It's the first time we meet, but everything goes very well! She's really nice and we have quite a good, "crazy" time together. Besides some culinary adventures (eh, eh!), my visit here in Oulu is mostly about music. This is officially Finland's metal town and the sign of this fame are pretty clear: on Saturday night we go to a metal club called "Woodoo" - I have heard quite much about this place form Mia and it's really cool! They have an alternative night and a band playing there tonight, which make it all more interesting. The band, Monsterspank, doen't really play my sort of music (it's a kind of punk-ish death metal), but it's always cool to see a live performance and the lead singer is pretty good looking! ;o) While at Woodoo, I also get to meet a few pretty famous local musicians, the most interesting of them being Sir Luttinen of The Black League! It's a bit weird to meet him just like that, especially after seeing him in a music video on tv, and although I really don't have anything smart to tell him, I'm pretty content with just being able to say I did meet him!
This is my third night out in a row and by 2am I'm literally falling asleep. So I guess this was just as much Oulu night like as I could have this time…Good night!

18.08.02 This is going to be a very lazy Sunday! We wake up at 11am and after breakfast, we go for a walk through Oulu big and beautiful cemetery. The rest of the day is spent watching movies, making slams and cooking...but no, I'm not going to tell you about our adventures in the kitchen!! ;o)

19.08.02. Shopping time!!! Oulu is getting back to life after a very quiet Sunday and we spend most of the day walking in the city centre and shopping. I also get to see the famous Policeman - Oulu symbol - and take a picture with it (It's a statue - what were you thinking of??!). After lunch, we walk to Mia's school, to surf on the internet for a little while and, for my part, to send one certain email to one certain person…*Blush*! ;o)
We spend the rest of the day watching yet another movie and ..getting myself a lot of "new" burned cd's…eh, eh! Thanks Mia!!! :o)
It's been a quick visit, but I have really enjoyed it. :o)
20.08.02 Today I'll have to handle the long train trip back to Helsinki - it' s a 7 hours journey, but I survive that…Once back in Helsinki and meeting up with Tanya, though, I realize I'm pretty tired and all we can do this evening is taking a short walk, watch "Rockstar" on dvd (at long last I finally got to see this movie and, just like expected, I really liked it!!) and then go to sleep.. Yawn…

21.08.02 The days are now passing by very quickly and unfortunately I don't have much of my vacation left…But I don't want to think about that yet! Today I'm meeting Nina in Helsinki: it's the first time we meet after the wedding and of course I get to hear a lot about their short honey moon in Paris and all the presents they got. I also get to see most of the wedding pictures, which is fun. After walking around in beautiful sunny Helsinki and shopping a for a while, we sit down at a café by the sea, where Nina basically makes me call Joonas.. Well, not that I really needed to be convinced, actually, but anyway…! ;o) So, yeah, we are meeting again tomorrow.. But no, it's not a date this time either! ;o)
By 4pm, I have to say bye to Nina, but we have learnt by now not to shed tears anymore - it's only until next time!
After that, I'm meeting Tanya and Micke for some great cd shopping! Well, actually I'm the one who buys the least (with only one cd in my shopping bag), but I'm also the one who gets to take a picture with Esa of Amorphis at the Spinefarm record store! Yeah!!! Esa is so cool!! :o)
After all this music stuff, we go for dinner at a sushi place down town - this is the first sushi meal for Tan & Micke, but apparently they like it…Or at least they are nice enough to pretend they do?! ;o) As to me, I always love it!
After getting back to their place, we spend the rest of the might making slams and listening to music - or actually, they just try to brainwash me into more and more new music!! Last time they did that I discovered my current obsession Pain of Salvation, so I definitely won't complain about this!! ;o)

22.08.09 So we've come to this.. my last day here…I spend most of it with Maria in Helsinki - we take the ferry to Suomenlinna (the island in front of Hki), which is really beautiful and sunny today. Indeed very different from the last time I was here, on a cold, snowy February day in what seems now to be my previous life…Over three years have passed by since then, but I'm nevertheless struggling with memories…I still get to enjoy the hours we spend there, though, especially because I always seem to see new parts of the island for every time I go there! We go back to Helsinki for lunch and after couple more hours strolling around down town, it's time for us to say goodbye as well…But we'll meet again, that's for sure, so no tears, ok?! Besides, I have something on my mind which is making me slightly nervous and unable to feel too sad about this partying…I'm now going back to Tanya's apartment, just to get changed, and then return down town, to meet Joonas… *grin*!
This time he decides to take me playing pool and, despite my complaining because I really can not play, that's exactly what we end up doing! And although I'm constantly getting mad at myself 'cause I'm so lousy at it, I have a very enjoyable time.. Something inside of me tells me this has very little to do with the game itself, though…! ;o) After playing a few games, we visit a cafè and then a pub, without ever stopping talking with each other and enjoying each other company….It's like there were a sort of mind connection between us and it's getting harder and harder to deny that (as well as the attraction between us..)…But I have promised myself nothing more will happen.. And I should know by now that when you start making such promises, it's already too late…
Later on Tanya and Micke join us at the pub and then the four of us go to yet another place - a pub called Bakers where they pay some really good metal and rock music and where we even get to choose some songs! But just like they say, when you're enjoying yourself, time flies away and without even realizing it, it's 2am…We leave Bakers and start walking back to Micke's car…Yet, me and Joonas never made it there…Our night in Helsinki is not over yet and it will be past four am before I catch a taxi back to my very kind and understanding friends' place…So I didn't keep my promise after all…and I sort of knew already from the start that I would not… My last night I Helsinki turned into a very special one I won't forget….Let's see what happens now. ..
Tomorrow I will have to return to Italy, but coming back to Finland feels now easier than ever…


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