The Trinity Delusion An examination of the doctrine of the Trinity

John 17:5

Now, Father, glorify me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was.

The Trinitarian Claim

God the Father's Word which was inherent within Him "in the beginning" went out from Him at the dawn of creation when He spoke all things into existence (1:3). His spoken Word was sent out (cf. Isaiah 55:11) containing all His will and purpose for this creation, each reality and each event to unfold and be manifested in the time and season He fixed. The qualitative things John has in mind are those things the Human Word Jesus is found to be in the Gospel of John: Light, Life, Truth, Love. Hence, the Father's Word become flesh expresses these qualitative things of the Father in terms of the works that he did in his Father's name. Indeed, Jesus makes a point of letting us know, several times, that everything he did is sourced not in himself, but in the Father, "the Father abiding in me does the works." So all of this Human Words activities reflected Light, Life, Truth, Love. So the Word which became flesh is not God the Son and is not the person of the Father. The Word which became flesh is that uttered Word which went out from God the Father when He spoke all things into existence. The idea here is that God had definite purpose in this creation and His purpose is ultimate fulfilled in the man Jesus, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. God accomplishes all thinigs through His Word and when all the things God had purposed for this creation were completed, His Word, spoken out from Him at the dawn of creation, and now having become flesh, did say, "It is finished." God has been finished from His works since the foundation of the world. Hebrews 4:3. But Jesus said his Father was still working (Jn 5:17) How is this possible? God was finished when He spoke His Word. But His Word still needed to carry out what He purposed in this time and space at the appointed times. Those works decreed in God's Word which went out from Him were still unfolding and being manifested at the times and seasons which he had appointed. His Word would not return to him void but accomplish all that He had purposed (Isaiah 55:11). And His Word, the Word He sent out from the breath of His mouth at the dawn of creation, did in fact accomplish all that He had purposed when it had become flesh and finally and utimately when Jesus the Word cried, "It is finished." And it was then that all mankind fully saw and realized the salvation of God. It was at that moment, on a cross in Jerusalem outside the city gates, that God's Word had accomplished all that He had purposed for this Genesis creation.

Created: June 12, 2012
Last Updated: June 20, 2012