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The Trinity on Trial An in-depth examination of a doctrine

Why the Doctrine of the Trinity Exists

When we read through the pages of the Bible, it becomes quickly apparent that the one God of Israel, and of Christians, was the Father of Jesus Christ. And of course this suggests to the everyday person that God is simply one person. Indeed, Jesus' Father was his God. These facts are plain to all people including Trinitarians. In fact, one can observe how believers in the doctrine of the Trinity, usually view God in their minds as the Father of Jesus. And it is not until Trinitarian doctrine comes into view that a shift takes place in the mindset of Trinitarians to a different way of thinking about who God is.

The reason the doctrine of the Trinity exists is not because the Bible teaches this doctrine. It doesn't. The reason the doctrine of the Trinity exists is not because a three person God is ever once mentioned anywhere in the entire Bible. It doesn't. Although God is the main character of the Bible and is mentioned thousands of times, the Bible never once mentions a three person God. The reason the doctrine of the Trinity exists is because there are a handful of verses which confuse Trinitarians if they don't believe in their triune God of three persons. They don't otherwise know what to do with these verses unless they believe in a Triune God. The doctrine of the Trinity is an old invention designed to meet the needs of people who want a type of 'closure' concerning these verses. It is a creation perceived to be a required justification for certain verses in the Bible. And so the overwhelming testimony of all of Scripture is denied in order to appease their needs concerning a few verses. And not only so, Trinitarian apologists have designed contrivances to explain away those other verses which explicitly identify the one God as the Father alone and/or those verses which deny the existence of a three person God.

Have you ever observed how people tend to make things up when you are in a Bible study discussion? When they come to some verses in the Bible which they have difficulty understanding, there is a tendency to simply make up something up that "fits" in their own eyes, and they do this in order to explain away an otherwise confusing problem for them. That is also how the doctrine of the Trinity came to be believed by people. Due to a handful of verses in the Bible that would otherwise confuse them, they had to make something up to fit these verses - a three person God. Even though a three person God is nowhere to be found in the Scripture, they thought it was necessary to make up this Triune being in order to explain away these verses. In the end, they created a God that is a puzzle of verses that must be fitted together according to their own design. One God: Assembly Required.

What are we to do with John 1:1, "and the Word was God" if we don't have a Trinity? What are we to do with John 20:28 if we don't have a Triune God? What are we to do with several such verses if we don't have a three person God? Now stop and think about this carefully. Should you or I, or anyone else, conjure up a scenario out of our own minds that we think fits these verses just so we can provide an explanation for them? No, it is an absurd proposition if you think about it. We cannot invent the truth. Truth is something that must be found. We humans can only create fantasies, not truth. Only God can create such reality. Unfortunately, this is how the doctrine of the Trinity came to exist. It was created, imagined up, to try and provide an answer to these verses. Think about this carefully. A three person God was created to explain away these verses. Men thought they could create a God so that they would have an answer to these verses rather than searching for what these verses really mean.

What we should be doing is searching and discovering what these verses would actually mean and how they would fit the Biblical testimony that God is to be identified simply as the Father of Jesus. Think about it carefully. Creating a three person God to serve in order to account for these verses is nothing short of idolatry, since it is quite simply, creating your own God. Imagining up a three person God to fit the problem is creating an image of God to serve and not only so but an image of God that is also untrue. It is men creating an idol for you to serve. Conjuring up the the idea of a three person God to apparently satisfy our need to explain these verses does not amount to the truth or the actual existence of a three person God. It amounts to the creation of a new God by men due to their own inability to understand a handful of verses. Think about that carefully. The Bible does not identify a three person God anywhere. Where did this God come from? It came from men conjuring up a three person being that they perceived would suit these verses and their need to satisfy themselves.

But if we actually search for the truth of the matter, we will find these verses present absolutely no problem whatsoever for a one person God, the Father of Jesus. In fact, we will find that if we understand these verses correctly, that a belief system that comprehends God as one person is sublimely and beautifully confirmed and there isn't absolutely anything in Scripture, or otherwise, which contradicts such a belief. And that is what we will show on this site. We will show that one does not need to contrive up a three person God to explain away these verses. We will also show that one does not need to spin up contrivances to explain these verses away either. Rather, we will show how the answers are found right there in the Bible itself. For example we will show that Thomas' exclamation in the Gospel of John must be viewed in the context of Jesus' earlier teaching in this same Gospel, "the one who sees me sees the One who sent me" and Thomas' exclamation fits Jesus' teaching perfectly. In each and every case, a sincerely honest search for the truth results in a completely secure understanding of these verses without any need to contrive up something to fit our needs. And in the end, it is quite plain that the one God of Israel, of Jesus, and of the Apostles, and of the Christians, is the Father of Jesus Christ and the Father alone.

The doctrine of the Trinity was a requirement of wayward men who long ago needed an explanation for a handful of verses they didn't understand. To account for their lack of understanding and their inability to discover a proper understanding of these particular verses, they made up a three person God to try and satisfy what they mistakenly perceived these verses to be declaring. In their minds, they have bartered for the existence of another God unknown to the Scriptures, the Jews, Jesus, the Apostles, and the faithful. The exchanged the truth of God for an illusion.

The sorrows of those who have bartered for another God will be multiplied. (Psalm 16:4).