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The Trinity on Trial An in-depth examination of a doctrine

What the Facts will Reveal

"They loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God." (John 12:43).

The doctrine of the Trinity is perhaps the most protected and enforced doctrine in Christendom. One might even say it is the most universally accepted of all uniquely Christian beliefs. This site examines the evidence concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. The objective is to fairly uncover the facts without prejudice. The purpose is to conform to the genuine truth without bias. The objective is to be impartially honest with ourselves.

The prospects are soberly severe and far-reaching. For if indeed this doctrine is false, the implications are immensely staggering. If indeed this teaching is a fable, church leaders have been believing and teaching a complete error for centuries. And if indeed this concept is false, millions upon millions of well-meaning laypeople have been mercilessly led into deception by espousing a counterfeit belief system. They have been coerced into worshiping a false god, an idol.

It almost sounds impossible doesn't it? I agree. At first glance, the possibility seems rather implausible. To entertain this possibility is a mind-boggling proposition. The disgraceful impact of such a scandal seems much too difficult to even contemplate. But consider it we must. For if we do not entertain that we might have been deceived by the father of lies and the greatest illusionist in the universe, how can we ever escape the deception?

"Many false prophets will arise and deceive many" - Jesus

Many false prophets, not a few, will arise. Many people, not a few, will be deceived. Not a few but many. One can only know if one is deceived if in fact one entertains the possibility that one is indeed deceived. If a person is deceived, and believes a false teaching, denial is a sure-fire way of keeping one's self quite deceived. Have we all been hoodwinked by cleverly crafted false teachings?

"Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. For narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it." - Jesus

The facts will conclusively prove the one God is the Father of Jesus Christ and the Father alone. The facts will unquestionably confirm the three person Triune God is a complete fabrication artifically crafted by wayward men long ago. The facts will reveal the devasting evidence that this alleged three person God is never even mentioned in the sacred book where God is the main character. And yet, according to Trinitarian apologists, we are not only to believe this unmentioned God actually exists; we are expected to worship this God. The facts will show the unsettling suspicious character of Trinitarian translations and interpretations. The facts will clearly demonstrate the apostles never handed down any teaching which remotely resembles this doctrine. The facts will also show how this fictitious Triune God would have been heartlessly deceiving the Old Testament Israelites, if indeed this three person being had been their God.

The facts will illustrate the unfortunate epidemic of corruption that exists in the world of Trinitarian apologetics. You will see quite clearly just how Trinitarian apologists have resorted to logical fallacies, to eisegetical interpretations, and to denial of any facts disagreeable to their doctrine. You will observe how these apologists take their created God and imagine this being into the Biblical text wherever they think it is convenient and beneficial for them to foist this extraneous concept into the Scriptures. The facts will uncover how Trinitarian apologetics has duped honest people with clever word trickery. And you will come to understand just how these schemes work. The facts will reveal how these apologetic tricks have hoodwinked laypeople with well-turned words that are slyly crafted to make their doctrine sound convincing. The facts will also show how their argumentation methods are nothing but crafty word game illusions designed to bamboozle human minds. The facts will also lay bare how these clever schemes are executed and thereby hoodwink unsuspecting people.

"They will make merchandise of you with well-turned words" - Peter

The facts will divulge how Trinitarian apologists have used Scripture verses in the past which are now known to be indisputably counterfeit. The facts will also disclose how they also continue to appeal to Scripture verses which have questionable authenticity since ancient manuscript evidence casts grave doubt upon the legitimacy and genuineness of two or more possible renderings. And the evidence will show how Trinitarian apologists intentionally have turned a blind eye to these vital issues when it does not suit their doctrinal needs and apologetic agenda.

The facts will further illustrate how Trinitarian apologists prejudicially appeal to highly debatable translations of certain verses of Scripture to ensure compliance with their doctrine. The facts will illustrate highly conspicuous translation inconsistencies. And the facts will show how they resort to perceptibly unreasonable interpretations of the Scriptures, and deny the reasonable, simply to try and protect their doctrine. These facts will uncover how the context of Scripture passages is denied when it is not suitable to the doctrine of the Trinity. You will also see how the implications of related passages are avoided when it does not suit the Trinitarian mission. You will see how concepts are read into the text which the text does not even intend to express and how completely unfounded and false claims are made. The facts will even show the many contradictions that are accepted for the sake of Trinitarian doctrine. And you will be able to see and understand these things without misunderstanding their teachings.

You will see why an old Trinitarian favorite, 1 John 5:7, is no longer found in their current list of apologetic proof-texts. This verse is now known to be a counterfeit. You will see why another old Trinitarian favorite, a false copy of 1 Timothy 3:16, is no longer found in their current list of apologetic proof-texts because it too is now accepted as fraudulent.

Would you rest your faith and your eternal destiny upon highly questionable facts? I didn't think you would. You will also see how Trinitarian apologists appeal to their favorite manuscript versions of John 1:18 and Acts 20:28 even though both of these verses have variant readings in early manuscripts and it is highly debatable which renderings are indeed authentic. You will also see how the John 1:18 rendering they choose for themselves is inconsistent with John's other terminology, phrasing and style. You will further see how their preferred version of this particular verse inadvertently results in the concept of a begotten God revealing another unbegotten God, in direct violation of their own doctrine. And you will also see how this particular rendering was preferred among the Gnostics and the manuscript to which they appeal just happened to be found in a hotbed of Gnostic activity. Indeed, you will discover that this version was favored by the Arians who Trinitarian apologists consider to be their arch enemies.

You will hear how Trinitarian apologists have railed upon the Jehovah's Witnesses for adding the word "other" to Colossians 1:16. And then you will see how Trinitarians quite hypocritically don't seem to mind the fact that the King James Version of Acts 7:59 and 1 John 3:16 added the word "God" when it does not appear in the original Greek manuscripts in order to make it appear that Jesus is being called God. You will see how they changed the noun "glory" to the adjective "glorious" at Titus 2:13 and you will be disturbed by the profound implications created by that subtle twisting of Scripture.

You will ask yourself why Trinitarians translated the Hebrew word EL as "God" at Isaiah 9:6 and refuse to translate it as "mighty" or "power" at Isaiah 9:6 just as they translated the very same word when it referred to King Nebuchadnezzar, other men, mountains, and trees. You will ask yourself why these inconsistencies exist. You will see how their preferred translation of Zechariah 12:10 amounts to a senseless and absurd statement and how recent insight into the Hebrew language is also showing their claim here to be absolutely bogus. You will see how Trinitarians insist the missing definite article in the Greek text of John 1:1 is significant and then declare it is quite insignificant in the next breath. You will see how well known Trinitarian scholars rightly say the phrase means one thing but then turn right around and use an English writing convention that suggests to the reader another meaning altogether. You will further see extremely hypocritical nd scandalous comments made by Trinitarian scholars concerning this verse. You will see how they translate John 10:33 without regard for, and entirely inconsistent with, the context which reveals what was actually intended.

You will see how this fictitious three person God is worked into the Bible wherever Trinitarians deem it to be agreeable and favorable to their doctrine rather than striving to discover what the Bible really intended to convey. You see how this three person God is imagined into Genesis 1:26 and Matthew 3:16-17 and Matthew 28:19 and 2 Corinthians 13:14 and Ephesians 4:4-6 and 1 Peter 1:2. You will see how Trinitarian apologists have resorted to the ridiculous by claiming the Magi bowed down to Jesus because he was God. You will see how cleverly the words of the Bible have been spun to suit themselves in places like Matthew 1:23 where we are told Jesus will be called "God with us" where the facts explicitly reveal the intention of Matthew was to convey that God was with his people in plan and purpose.

You will see how their claim that only God can forgive sins (and therefore Jesus must be God because Jesus forgave sins), was completely refuted by Jesus himself and Trinitarians have been preaching the very same error of the Pharisees. You will see how Trinitarian apologists suggest the words "I AM" at John 8:58 were intentionally used by Jesus as a unique language technique to refer to himself as Yahweh God but completely forget to mention that a blind man in the very next chapter used the words "I AM" to identify himself. You will see how Trinitarian scholars are compelled to admit the Greek grammar of Hebrews 1:8 allows for a translation other than the one they use. And you will see how this other translation is not only more loyal to the original text but fits the context perfectly. You will see how they deny this translation in the face of very forceful facts. And even further, you will see how their preferred translation of this passage results in the preposterous implications of God having a God and God inheriting a name better than the angels.

You will see how a general unawareness of the nature of the resurrection body makes it possible for them to make groundless claims. You will see how verses like John 20:28 and Colossians 2:9 and Hebrews 1:3 are interpreted with complete disregard for the implications of Jesus' resurrection. You will see how each of these passages refers to Jesus' resurrection glory and the presence of God his Father within him bodily and are not intended to identify him as "God" as Trinitarian apologists desire. And you will see how 1 John 5:20, a verse that plainly identifies the true God as Jesus' Father, is deviously reworked to have Jesus identified as the true God.

And you will see how much Scriptural evidence is overtly denied where it shows Trinitarian doctrine to be false. You will also see how fallacious but clever sounding contrivances are woven together to try and justify their doctrinal position. And you will also see quite vividly why they are meaningless farces and how these fallacies are accomplished. You will even see how they blantantly nullify Scripture verses for the sake of their Trinitarian tradition. You will also understand clearly how the definition of the word "God" in Jesus' own words to his Father, "You, the only true God," are suggestively redefined to shelter Trinitarian doctrine. You will see how other fallacious contrivances were designed to avoid the implications of Paul's words, "there is one God, the Father," and "one God and Father of all," and "there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ," and the like.

And that is not all. But this overview should give you an idea what you will discover to be the facts. You might ask yourself, "Why it is so complicated? Isn't the truth sublimely simple?" Indeed it is. The truth is a very simple thing and the truth the Bible presents on the identity of God is likewise very simple and easy to understand. However, we are here examining the truth about a deception. The doctrine of the Trinity is a huge ball of knots carefully woven together and we must now carefully untie each knot so that you can see the truth for yourself - how this tangled web of deception was weaved together. It takes great patience to untie a big ball of knots. And this will require patience on your part. If you truly care about God's truth then you will look and you will find. And when all is done you will see nothing but the straight line of truth.

"Teacher, we know that You are truthful and defer to no one; for You are not partial to any, but teach the way of God in truth."