The Trinity Delusion An examination of the doctrine of the Trinity

An Open Letter to Trinitarians

"For us there is one God: The Father."

April 5, 2011

Dear Friends:

As you all know, there has been a long tradition in the churches of Christendom to confess that our God is a Triune being. And as you also know traditions are not necessarily equivalent to the truth. There have been many long standing traditions in the churches of Christendom which are false. Lies also have longevity and this we see plainly among the non-believers. One just needs to keep repeating them and if you tell it often enough people will believe the lie. For we were warned by Jesus and his Apostles that deceitful men would come in and lead the flock astray, false prophets who rise among the people of God exploiting them with well turned words and throwing them into confusion.

Read your Bible with an open, humble, and honest heart before the Lord. Our one and only true God is the main character of these writings and yet not once can we find a single mention of a three person being. Rather, at the bidding and encouragement of false prophets, men such as yourselves, must resort to eisegetically reading this extraneous notion into the sacred Scriptures all the while knowing that this faulty practice leads to nothing but falsehood.

For it is plainly evident that neither Adam, nor Noah, nor Abraham, nor Isaac, nor Jacob, nor Moses, nor David, nor Solomon, nor Hezekiah, nor any of the people of Israel, nor Joseph and Mary, nor the Israelite named Jesus of Nazareth, nor any of his disciples, knew of any other God than the Father of Jesus Christ and Him alone. And indeed, it is further plainly evident that this three person being was a creation of men who designed this God after their own liking in order to suit their own interpretations of various Scriptures. And indeed, even today, men who follow after the inventors of this false God, do themselves confess that their three person God is the result of human philosophy, they taking their own various interpretations of the Scriptures and assembling them together in a prescribed fashion, that fashion being their own vain reasonings, and arriving at a conclusion in their own minds that a three person being, never once mentioned in the entire Bible, nevertheless does exist, and this three person being also just happens to be the one true God, a God which in their minds is the logical conclusion to their own clever reasoning. What madness.

Is it not evident to any of you that Jesus of Nazareth, born of a woman, born under the Law, an Israelite who walked in Galilee worshiping his one and only God along with his brothers, knew of no such God? And he further says that the Jews "worship what we know" but you deny his words for the sake of your tradition. Indeed, you yourself know that his one and only God was his Father alone. Why then do you allow others to lead you into worshiping another God? Do you seek the approval of men or the approval of God? And worse even yet, you lead others into the same deception so that more of you can reaffirm to yourselves the God you have approved for yourselves. There is a just reward for those who do such things.

Is it not plain to you that the son of God is a son of the one and only true God, that is, the son of the Father? And indeed, are not all of us who are begotten of him the sons of this one true God, that is, our Father? Do you believe you are a son of but one hypostasis of the true God or the son of the true God Himself above whom there is no other? Jesus is the son of the one and only true God. The oneness of your God is a nature not a person. Is your Jesus the son of a nature or the son of a person? Is your Jesus the son of a hypostasis of God or the son of the one and only true God, our Father in heaven?

Have you not seen how David, the father of our Lord Jesus, praying in the Spirit in response to the great promise given to him by YAHWEH, did say to Him that there is no God besides Him and that there is none like Him? Are you so blinded by your traditions that you did not regard who spoke the promise to David, "I will be a Father to him, and he will be a son to me?" Is it not clear to you that David was speaking to the One who spoke these words? Is it not clear to you that he was exluding all but the Father?