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Trinity on Trial An in-depth examination of Trinitarian doctrine
Trinitarian Fallacies

Fallacy: Latin fallacia, from fallac-, fallax deceitful, from fallere to deceive.
1. Deceptive appearance. Deception.
2. A false or mistaken idea.
3. An plausible sounding argument or statement using a false or invalid inference.

1001 Trinitarian Deceptions
  • Hebrews 1:8 translated as "Your throne O God" instead of "Deity is your throne" referring to Jesus' authority by virtue of his deified risen nature.
  • John 1:1 translated as "and the Word was God" misleading readers into believing John was indicating WHO the Word was when he was indicating WHAT the word was as admitted by well known leading Trinitarian scholars themselves.
  • Using John 1:18, a spurious text JEHOVAH GOD of the Old Testament is JESUS CHRIST of the New Testament Written by Bishop S. C. Johnson Edited by Bishop S. McDowell Shelton The Whole Truth now being declared by Bishop Shelton Rapha Chabash Luke STATEMENTS JESUS CHRIST IS FATHER, WAS SON, AND IS NOW HOLY GHOST in the Church. The Scriptures given below will prove Jesus Christ is God Almighty. 1. GENESIS 1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. JOHN 1:10-14 - He was in the world, and the world was made by Him... 2. I CORINTHIANS 10:4 - Jesus is the Rock... DEUTERONOMY 32:1- 4 - And the Rock is God. 3. II CORINTHIANS 11:2 - Jesus is the one Husband, JEREMIAH 31:32 - And the one Husband is God. 4. MATTHEW 23:8 - Jesus is the one Master. MALACHI 1:6 - And the Master is God. 5. JOHN 10:14 - Jesus is the Good Shepherd, ISAIAH 40:11- And the shepherd is God. 6. ACTS 4:10-12 - Jesus is the one Saviour, ISAIAH 45:21 - And the one Saviour is God. 7. GALATIANS 3:13 - Jesus is the Redeemer. ISAIAH 48:17 - And the Redeemer is God. 8. REVELATION 19:13 - Jesus is the Word of God. JOHN 1:1 - The Word is God. 9. REVELATION 19:16 - Jesus is the Lord of lords. DEUTERONOMY 10:17 - And the Lord of lords is God. 10. I CORINTHIANS 2:7-8 - Jesus is the Lord of Glory. PSALMS 24:10 - The Lord of hosts is the King of Glory. 11. ZECHARIAH 14:9 - Jesus is the Lord over all the earth (one name), ACTS 4:10-12 - For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. 12. PHILIPPIANS 2:10 - Every knee should bow to Jesus. ISAIAH 45:22-23 - Every knee shall bow to God. 13. COLOSSIANS 1:16 - Jesus is the Creator. ISAIAH 40:28- And the Creator is God. 14. COLOSSIANS 1:18 - Jesus is the Head, I CHRONICLES 29:11- And the Head is God. 15. JOHN 1:49 - Jesus is the King of Israel. ISAIAH 44:6 - And the King of Israel is God. 16. JOHN 8:58 - Jesus is the I Am, EXODUS 3:14 - And the I Am is God. 17. JOHN 8:24 - Jesus is the I Am He, DEUTERONOMY 32:39 - And the I Am He is God. QUESTIONS 1. ISAIAH 35:4-6 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when shall God come? 2. MATTHEW 11:4-5 - And who did the work of God? 3. LUKE 1:68 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when did God visit and redeem His people? 4. JOHN 1:10; PSALMS 90:1, 2 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when was God who made the world in the world? 5. LUKE 1:35; MATTHEW 1:20 - If God and the Holy Ghost are two separate spirits, which one is the father of Jesus? 6. ISAIAH 7:14 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when will Isaiah's prophecy be fulfilled? 7. MATTHEW 1:23 - And when was God with us? 8. MATTHEW 19:17; JOHN 10:11 - If Jesus Christ is not God, is He Good? 9. JOHN 14:9 - If Jesus Christ is not God, why did He tell Philip: "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father?" 10. JOHN 20:28-29 - If Jesus Christ is not God, why did Thomas call Him, "My Lord and my God?" 11. I TIMOTHY 3:16 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when was God manifested in the flesh? 12. I JOHN 3:16; MATTHEW 20:28 - If Jesus Christ is not God, when did God lay down His life? 13. MATTHEW 4:7 - If Jesus Christ is not God, why did Jesus say to the devil when the devil was tempting Him, "It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God?" 14. MATTHEW 4:10 - According to this Scripture, we can worship only one God. Is Jesus Christ He? 15. TITUS 2:13; ACTS 1:11 - If Jesus Christ is not God, do these Scriptures contradict themselves? 16. ISAIAH 44:24 - Is the Lord the Redeemer who stretched forth the heavens alone and spreadeth abroad the earth by Himself the same Lord that was born in LUKE 2:11? 17. JEREMIAH 10:10; I JOHN 5:20 - If Jesus Christ is not God, is He the Lord, for the Lord is the true God? 18. REVELATION 1:8; ISAIAH 9:6 - If Jesus Christ is not God, why did He say to John, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty?" A warning to everyone who reads this pamphlet: Remember the words of Jesus spoken to the unbelieving Jews when they would not believe that He was God that should come, ISAIAH 35:4. DEUTERONOMY 32:39. So dear reader, if you do not believe that Jesus is God, you shall die in your sins. JOHN 8:24.
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