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Open Letter to Academia and the Church Leaders who Follow Them

October 30, 2011

From a servant of Jesus.

To the men of the academic world, those who are scholars, theologians, philosophers, and apologists, according to the standards of this evil age. And to those who follow the teachings of academia, the religious leaders of the organized church system whether in Rome or in Constantinople, or in Canterbury, or in the manifold denominations of Protestantism and their offspring, all those who Lord over the people whom they have gathered into their flocks.

You are surely aware of the testimony of the Scriptures concerning how the religious leaders of Jesus' day turned out to be very misguided men. The Scriptures, and especially Jesus himself, tell us that these men were selfish, greedy money-lovers, arrogant, self-righteous, proud and puffed up blind-guides, hypocrites, white-washed tombs, serpents, a brood of vipers, liars, sons of Hell, children of their father devil, and murderers. Jesus our Lord counted them as men of lawlessness. And these ancient academics, these religious leaders of old, those who perceived themselves to be religious models of righteousness, sought to Lord over the people by manipulation and control, seeking to have all the people follow their favorite intellectual opinions. |And perceiving a threat to the fulfillment of their desires, Jesus of Nazareth, they conspired to kill the son of God. And when they had succeeded in killing him, and when he had risen from the dead, they conspired again, creating a lie that his body had been stolen from the tomb. And if the murder of God's Son was not enough, these men tried to prevent the spread of God's good news persecuting the followers of Jesus, then escalating again their vile ways stoning Stephen to death, the first martyr, and then they hunted down many followers of Jesus to have them killed along with their master. Such were the academics and religious leaders of the day. Save a few of them who searched their hearts and turned to Christ, most of these murderous children of the devil chose to perceive themselves as holy and righteous men by commending themselves to one another and approving themselves among one another. In denial and self deception, they choose to become blind to their dead ways and rather declare themselves the truly righteous ones to each other.

Who among you desires to be counted among such men? And who among you will do as they did and commend yourselves to one another? Who among you will approve yourselves, one among the other? And who among you rather seeks to be commended and approved by God rather than men? Are you so blind that you do not see the same thing exists today as it did when Jesus carried his cross in Judea? Do you not learn from the Scriptures? Why do you do as they did when these things were written so that you would not fall into the same ditch? When you disagree with one another, you point fingers at one another as heretics without examining your own heart. You self-righteously justify one another's teachings and deeds and do not believe it is God who justifies while giving lip service to the righteousness of God.


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Created: October 30, 2011