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Firstborn child of time, communion of creation, morning hope of eternity
Delight of radiance, fountain of flowing color, broken cascade of beauty
Seemingly descending to sleep, embracing sacrifice of life at your twilight boundary
In the quiet of the moment, sharing the wine of peace upon your eclipsing horizon
Vanishing from your turning face, surrendering to the law of your whirling dance
Kindly shining upon your lunar mirror into your serene land of dream mirages
Reflecting humbly upon the melancholy passion of your spiraling wilderness night
Rising renaissance of bliss, wellspring of happiness, valiant power of breaking dawn

Gift of celestial gold, immaculate bond of angels and stars, noble treasure of a man
Shimmering weight of riches found in majestic high mountain streams of the heart
Ushered down from its regal estate to be unpretentiously placed within your garden
Yielding to humility, joining the sweet solitude of your confined oasis pool
Immersed unchanging under your shifting waters, submitting to your chosen lot
Gently shining upon your smile into the silhouette image of your countenance
Modestly glinting upon the entrancing desires who gleefully charm your moonlit garden
Ascending wonder of paradise, glimmer of glory, blinding boldness of light

Song of divine music, harmony of melody and soul, brilliant symphony from above
Euphoria of primal thunder, laughter of resonating keys, falling notes of splendor
Fading to silence, caressing bronze tranquility at your guarded temple door
At the hush of the waves, participating in the stillness at your boundary gate
Departing from your changing presence and passing beyond your sanctuary circle
Compassionate tones reverberating upon your walls into your lyrical sleep of shadows
Softly echoing tenderly upon the contending rhapsodies of your enchanted inner sanctum
Elating crescendo of Eden, revelation of rapture, exhilaration of resurrection ecstasy
Me, August, 2002

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